In the past few years, the flourishing development of electronic sports has been obvious, in addition to the attracted audience, many businessmen attracted by the astonishing profit, besides the professional, the famous game host can also make a full bowl.

JuJu Smith-Schuster has recently stepped into the field of electronic competition. He signed a contract with HyperX to wear the brand headset on the live games to attend various activities of the brand.

Smith and Schuster said at a news conference: “if I am not training or learning, then I am definitely playing video games. HyperX headphones provide me with high quality sound effects and comfort, helping me stay focused and win. I hope to cooperate with HyperX because their headphones are too good. I’m looking forward to working with HyperX. ”

In March, Smith and Schuster took part in the live broadcast of the fortress’s night game, including “Travis Scott” and others, which set a record on the Twitch website.

Pony frontguard Quinton Nelson is one of the best offensive fronts of universities in recent years. NFL player jerseys He was selected by the pony number six this year and became the highest guard in 2001. Before that, Arizona Cardinals chose Leonard Davis (Leonard Davis) before five.

Attacking frontline is a big worry for the pony in recent years, which indirectly leads to Andrew – LAK injury and is hard to maintain. Nelson’s accession will be the first step for the pony.

Although it is difficult to judge players’ real performance only in off-season and mini camp, Nelson’s athletic ability has been unfolded.