Bracey is also the champion: Mayfield’s achievements will surpass me.

Not only do fans think top scorer Baker Mayfield will be a great quarterback, but so does the current NFL legend Drew Briss. Although not on a team, Briss is full of expectations for Beck Mayfield, the elite quarterback believes that one day, Mayfield will surpass their achievements.

“I think Mayfield will be much better than me. He is equipped with all quarterback weapons. His arms are amazing, he’s athletic and he’s running faster than you think, “a compliment from a Hall of Fame quarterback. You know, before Drew Briss said that, he had never dealt with Mayfield, and the only thing Briss had to do with Mayfield was that they grew up in Texas. Next week’s Saints game against Cleveland Brown will be Briss’s first formal contact with Mayfield. Then why is Bracey so proud of Mayfield? Originally, from Mayfield to university, Bracey has been “peeping” this young man.

Brice, 39, was 16 years older than Mayfield, 23. While Mayfield was talking about college football, Brice was attracted by Mayfield’s peculiarities. He watched Mayfield win the Heisman Prize, and he watched Mayfield win the Brown championship. Brice even became Mayfield. German fans.

“I watched him play in NCAA jerseys, and he’s made tremendous achievements in college, especially last year, and his performance is historic. I was impressed by his way of playing. I think he has great room for growth and competition.

Although Mayfield can only sit on Brown’s bench to watch the game now, but Briss felt that Mayfield can become their own. The substitution was just to give young people more room to grow and learn, and it took Briss only a year to climb from the substitution to the starting line-up, and then out of control. Since then, Briss’s career has now passed 70,884 yards, maintained a 67% pass-to-shoot ratio and won a Super Bowl championship.

Now, Briss only needs to pass 1064 yards to overtake Payton Manning and become the NFL’s historic pass code king. These achievements are just a hopeless number for Mayfield, who has just entered the game for less than a year. If Mayfield knew that Briss not only had such high expectations for himself, but also was his own fans, how much pressure Mayfield felt! Mayfield would have been too excited to sleep at night, knowing he was a newcomer, only to discover that legends like Briss were his own “fans”.