Magnifique “(the magnificent), and has the nhl jerseys china nickname” super Mario player Grace is considered the greatest hockey player base, the first strong body and first-class technology as one of the players, he was a man saved the Penguins of Pittsburgh two times, four Stanley cup (two as two players as the owner) repeatedly MVP regular season and playoffs, six scoring titles, he was the great hockey Wayne Grace Ki said not to be replaced, but his injuries kept him ahead of the end of the glorious occupation career, he was the 1984 draft, hall of Famer and now Pittsburgh penguins owner Mario – Samuel le.

Mario Le Samuel was born in October 5, 1965 in the Canadian province of Quebec, Montreal, on the same day, not far from the city of Quebec is also the birth of a child named Patrick Wahl, in the 1984 NHL draft in the two future Hall of Famer respectively first and fifty-first CIS cis position were Pittsburgh and Montreal Canada penguin in person. Father is a contract worker, mother is a housewife, the family has two brothers. In early youth league history he began his career in the Savior of Quebec Youth League, led the countdown to the first place team rushed all the way to the total champion, refresh the record of all at the time of the Quebec Youth League, and caused the attention of NHL teams. Those teams, most interested in is that Samuel Le League last Pittsburgh penguins. In the 1984 draft, a record for the 16-58-6 season the Penguins of Pittsburgh got the top sign and the sign for the French speaking Savior Mario Le Samuel selected.

Samuel le in the first season of NHL has been a great success, his first game in the ice for the first time from the time the alliance headed back Bruins captain and Hall of Famer ray Bourque there to grab a ball and went in the first shot his first ball occupation. In his first home court competition he has dropped the gloves, waving his fists, you tell in front of Pittsburgh, he will not only goal. That year he will score 100 points (43 goals and 57 assists) in the last 73 games and win the title. In his 19 year career, he will score a total of 1723 points (with a score of 690 goals and a total of 1033 assists) in the 915 regular season, averaging a total of 1.88 points. By the end of his second season, he will score only next to Grace, the great hockey player. Although the beginning of his career is wonderful, but the real glory until the 1987 Canadian cup will kick off.

1987 – Mario – Le was selected for the Canadian cup national team in Canada, and with the greatest player of the time – – – the battle of the base of the battle of Grace – based on the side of the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States and the United States. On the stage of the Canadian cup, he set a record of 11 goals in the last 9 games and helped Canada win the Canadian cup. At the age of 21, Camus, on the world stage and then ice hockey superstar who competed and stand head and shoulders above others. The Canadian experience is very valuable for Le Samuel, he had hitherto unknown self-confidence, he became a scoring alliance with MVP next season, Grace thoroughly began to challenge the first position of the alliance. In the 1988-89 season, he set a new cheap nhl jerseys career high. He and Grace based parallel got 114 assists, and scored 85 goals, scored 199 points, one of the league’s scoring king and scoring, and got the second place in the League MVP vote, after Grace base. By this time, coupled with the league’s first offensive guard, the future Hall of Famer Paul – joined by Coffey, Le Di and he led the penguins to the top NHL, seems to have been doomed. And want to reach the top of the NHL, Le’s hand is still missing a championship ring. However, in the 1989-90 season, Samuel Le injury once again hurt the penguin and his career, had 46 consecutive games scoring Le Samuel because of injuries missed 21 games, which also led to the penguins did not enter the playoffs, but this defeat, indirectly help the enterprises and the future of goose. Because in that year’s draft, no playoff Penguin got fifth overall sign, this sign, they chose a young man from Czechoslovakia, the elegant Luo mil – YOUNGOR. The next season, there are so many talented players to help, including future Hall of Famer Coffey, Francis, Te Rottier and YOUNGOR, Le Samuel lead the summit of NHL, won the Stanley cup looks point the day and await for it.