NFL the first week of the new season has all been over, and several focus wars are not wonderful. Mark, who has just moved on, and Rogers, who has signed the Universe’s No. 1 salary contract, have each proved his worth by superb performances. The Steelers’anticancer fighter Connor’s inspirational comedy of Little Men’s Retrograde has also caught the eye of two superstars on the red list. Lion quarterback Cenozoic Stafford was beaten by the Fish Jet’s defensive team, Pittman is playing a true’0’quarterback score, hand in hand with Super Bowl champion Oates to settle the blacklist.

Green Bay Packer Rodgers jerseys quarterback

Dragging his injured leg back to the court in the second half to lead the packer to a 21-point turnaround in the fourth quarter, a 130.7-point equalizer in 30 passes, 20 yards, 286 yards, all in the fourth quarter, leading the packer to a 17-point turnaround for the first time in history. With a record of 0-107 in the fourth quarter, I don’t think there’s much need to explain why Rogers was included in the first week of the Red List.

Rodgers’s arms are as thick as his thighs.

Desolate black bear Mark is worth two first rounds?

Kansas City chief jerseys Hill takes over.

I don’t think it’s easy to describe in words all the wonderful performances that Hill, the only 1.78-meter-tall outsider, made on the court. Hill’s flexibility and awesome speed make him the most important offensive chess player Andy Reed has ever played, both offensive and secret service. Although Hill’s receipt data and performance are very poor for various reasons, once the pass comes to Hill’s hand, Hill can show a variety of unexpected performances. In the first week, Hill opened the season with a 91 yard drop-kick and return to the offensive line-up with his own eye-catching skills. Then, with only seven catches on the offensive end, Hill got the terrible numbers of 169 yards and two touchdowns, including a one-handed catch that jumped in place in a double-bag. Hill can always appear in every corner of the court, whether it is a long and long pass or a short distance catch. Since he entered the league in 2016, Hill has won 23 touchdowns (Secret Service + Offensive), and the average number of touchdowns is a terrible 54 yards.

As fast as lightning runs, Hill brings the wind.

Pittsburgh steelers Connor running guard

Without a fall in the fourth quarter, the inspirational Pennsylvanian anticancer fighter would probably have finished his first NFL start with a perfect performance. Connor, who had only 32 touches before his career and was injured in last season’s regular season against the Patriots, left behind 135 yards for 36 touches and 2 bats for six passes, five passes for 57 yards and 192 yards, leaving the Steelers temporarily forgetting that they had a runback named Bell. Existence. A total of 89 yards in the 136-yard dash came from the data left after contact with the defender and produced four miss-catches for the defender. Connor also helped the quarterback Ben Rosslesberg in his pocket, taking part in the top 15 passes of all the runners in the first week of the league, releasing only twice the pressure on the quarterback to rush out. Of course, if Connor can replace Bell flawlessly, I don’t think a game’s performance is enough.

Connor, an anti cancer fighter, or a substitute for Baer, who is still in Miami nightclub?