First went to The hands of browns nfl jerseys Taiwan in a few least not dirty years ago, when the hotel has a small stalls selling fried chicken, I’m impressed. The boss is a whiskered man, soft waxy cavitywas desktop is standard. Take the initiative to chat with me, most often say is: “I shop to become the best to eat chicken shop in Taiwan.”

At first I did not care, but often see him with a book in the paint, said recently the deployment of pickled chicken recipe. He also heard of the store employees Xunhua, carelessness is nine storey tower recently enough fresh chicken can beat more soft like.

I said: “at least I have eaten the stalls nearby, I think your home is the best. Business is good every day, should be satisfied.” He said, but the words zaozao: “I am not satisfied, I just want to make the best of Taiwan to eat chicken.”

A few years later, I went to Taiwan, just to live in that hotel. Just enter the street is shocked, have a long queue discharged from the street. The man told me, here is the chicken shop every day is especially good, if not to row a few hours to eat on the team. I went to the front, it is the small booth, actually have jerseys direct supply built a small store, clean and tidy, chicken aroma smell to see half the street.

I congratulate the boss business is getting better, he laughed: “enough, now only the best chicken shop, far away from the ultimate goal.” His tone as a few years ago said. I bought a bag of chicken, then he sincerely wishes. Whether he will be the best to eat chicken shop in Taiwan, I believe that he will always be a successful businessman.

Go to a street basketball association to do an interview, a player is very short, but looks very adorable, cute personality, the reporters are like him. He ran to chat with me, suddenly asked me: “sister, you say I can grow taller?” I carefully observed his appearance, thin and small. To a basketball athletes, less than seven meters in height is too short, and he is no longer young, has been difficult to development. I don’t want to fight him, to persuade equivocate: height is not important, you are so clever, the future no matter what the situation will be very successful.” He shook his head and said: “I will grow taller, I will enter the NBA in the future, become China’s Jordan.”

The reason is that last year, we met again in a basketball game, he still remember me, happy to run over. Standing in front of him, and he did not grow taller, but it is no longer thin, dark skin is also more healthy, the whole body exudes the sun and vitality. He told me the good news: “sister, I selected a team, the family are very happy!” I congratulate you, to tease him: “want to enter NBA?” He nodded, “yes, Jordan of china.”

I know that no matter what a mature person with rational thinking analysis, in front of the young people will not grow taller, it is difficult to enter the NBA, become Jordan is far fetched. But at that moment I didn’t want to deny him, and knew clearly that he was destined to have a bright future.

This is not ambitious, but a wonderful belief that.

A discussion with college friends, I mentioned a point of view, the dream is always possible to achieve”. At that time, some girls stood up against. “I don’t agree, at least my dream can’t be realized.” She was bold and said, “I want to marry Wang Sicong, it’s not possible.” We set the whole room roaring with laughter and I can’t help laughing. There are usual boys in the side shouted: “I want to replace Obama! This is not possible!” I waited for them to laugh, and asked the girl: “what do you study?” “Art.” It is now time to modify the financial or business management.”

I said: “if you want jerseys different size to marry Wang Sicong, first of all, the first step to change the cause of his professional career, after graduating into Wanda Group, through efforts to prove himself, and gradually moved closer to him. If you are not beautiful, by means of their own to become beautiful; if you are not smart enough, by learning to enrich themselves.”

I turned around and looked at the boy: “if you want to replace Obama, first to learn the TOEFL test, English, enter famous universities studying law, and graduated in the United States became the backbone, if you can also change the identity of politics, society’s sleek politicians. Of course, out of patriotism, I do not recommend that you do.”

The girl opened the mouth, boy a pair of incredible expression: “although it sounds but do not closely reasoned and well argued, if not successful?”

I laughed: “if you really do this, even if only half done, you will look forward to marry king Si Cong, to replace Obama?”

In the environment of our education and that in most of the time will be heard similar words: young people to be practical, you will fall badly. Don’t piss yourself XinBiTianGao life than thin paper!

But they never told us that although the uppity dream difficult to realize, but to adjust the target to be cautious in life, and not too much moisture easily.

Dream is the only branches of the fruit, picked it seems too high to be reached, of course is not you. However, a part of the country, and come to a standstill when compared to know regret.