Youth is not easy The most important nfl jerseys, I know from china ingredient of success you have a lot of pressure. The first is the pressure of learning. “I feel like I let my parents down.” A young student said his progress in high school did not meet his parents’ expectations. I’m sure parents want him to be the best, but sometimes the best in their parents’ eyes is not necessarily the best for their children’s lives.

What’s more, the growth environment of parents and grandparents is very different from what you are experiencing now. It is only a generation of two generations, from the secure iron rice bowl of their fathers to the fierce competition in the job market.

In addition, if you want to get married, the future parents will want you to have a house. But jerseys from nfl china if prices continue to rise, how can afford?

You can complain about the unfair world, the gene is not good enough, family condition, educational system, teachers, employment market and even the local government is not satisfactory. But this does not help, we live in a different environment, most of the conditions we can not choose. But we can choose to make the most of what we have and do our best.

In Europe, people love playing cards. When it comes to licensing, of course, someone will get a good card, medium card or bad card. But it is not the determinant of the game results, the key lies in how you play. The same is true of life, what matters is how you deal with challenges and opportunities.

A psychology journal published a study of twins. Although a study cannot represent all, it provides a different approach.

The object jerseys factory nfl supply of this study is a pair of identical twins. Because they have an alcoholic father who lives in the same bad family environment. At the age of more than and 20, they were interviewed. One of the two became a drunk like a father, and the other had a respectable position in a large company. Under the same DNA, two people why so different. They gave the same answer: “what can you expect from such a father?”

Father is really crucial, but the difference is different attitude. A son blames his mistakes on his father; the other takes his father as a negative example, motivating himself to be different, and making the most of his life.

You may ask, how can I motivate myself to do the best in my life, regardless of the genes?

The first thing to realize is that we do have a choice. If you do not choose, it is tantamount to giving up the opportunity to choose. Nothing can escape, a choice will certainly bring some results. Each decision has its own risks, and the fear of change often exists.

We will continue to ask “what if we do,” but there is no answer. What if I choose a less famous but not very strict school? What if I go to a vocational college? What if I don’t want to go to school and learn a practical skill like a tailor, a hairdresser, a craftsman? Imagine how bad it would be to be a career you don’t like at all.

Pluck up the courage to make a decision that is truly beneficial jerseys nfl direct supply to you, even if it is not so popular. For those who want you to go to a rave party, a simple “no” may lead to ridicule, but it’s no laughing matter at all.

Sometimes, we have to let the people we love are disappointed when we no longer live according to their expectations, but in their own lives. However, “freedom means responsibility, which is why most people are afraid of it,” said Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright.

At the same time, as the German writer and the master of management said Sprenger in his book “principles” self reliant, “grief is like an infectious disease, people can not help but be infected”. You can often see colleagues complain that “do not do” reason is usually better than “do” reason, easier to find. But don’t forget, philosopher Karl Pope once said, “nothing is more irresponsible than pessimism”.

Spring is coming, it’s a good time to get rid of the pessimistic thoughts from your mind and put on an optimistic attitude. Edison finally invented the first light bulb, he told reporters that the 250 models before making a successful operation, “every attempt I had learned something, and apply it to the next production”.