This is a period of The most shining bills wagons advocating success jerseys quality of success, bookstores filled with successful learning for the media every day sought after successful people”. Success is undoubtedly a great pleasure, it means that the scene of debauchery, they had jostled their way, look about complacently, and when one fails, the gray, humble, everyone hate me different. However, we rarely know, true success and failure, its life is related by flesh and blood.

The film “China partner” describes the protagonist called holly. He graduated from a famous university in Beijing. The family was extremely poor, through the entire nba jerseys for sale village to put together university fees, after graduating from college was very lucky to stay at his alma mater. The University Teachers’ brand big, purse was deflated like a leaf, as holly had to keep the school to go out a part-time job as a tutor, engage in training. After the discovery of the school expelled Cheng Dongqing’s office, which is Holly suffered the first major setback. A secure job is broken, to find a mud bowl what, as holly is most familiar with the English training, then pick up before doing things, just before doing a part-time job, too much pressure, now have to do full-time, have your taste. No classroom, he bought some cheap chicken in KFC, “Lai” for a long time, with the temporary site to the students; then he found a bankrupt state-owned temporarily not demolished the break room, bought it chairs, so temporarily stabilized. There is no heaven thing, as holly shortly after the bankruptcy of state-owned dangerous classes, the police find the door, he said “illegal school”. A school site is Holly scorched by the flames in the study abroad, girlfriend Su Wen wrote, broke up. Into Holly pain, lost, but he finally chose a strong face. After a storm struggling, Holly became a training school, with a beautiful campus, with a modern classroom, with millions of students across the country, with a large sum of cash. During that time, Holly sleep like a drink like excitement. However, the ordeal does not seem to forget the holly, when an American agency to the new dream violated their right to sue on their grounds to court. As holly emulative, through some operation, it finally obtain an ideal solution, the new dream education group also listed successfully in New York.

Cheng Dongqing experience tells us: the world is not a success in the US at the door, you want it, you must go, through trials and hardships to desert Gobi, more snow nfl jerseys free shipping, when you are tired, tired, wear more collapsed, looked back, you will find it behind are you ever dream of the world.

Maybe someone will say Holly is the movie characters, not the number, however, as long as the look, we will find that “Holly” meet the eye everywhere in life. Zuo Zongtang this person you know, from Shaanxi to Xinjiang, he and his soldiers are under the “Zuo Gong Liu”, who later held the governor, set back Xinjiang outstanding outstanding service, Ci Xi had ordered “twenty years without playing the left”, cattle to go, he had lost several times but examinations finally, to break the idea; during the governor in Hunan touts the shogunate, was also because of a conflict with Yongzhou Fan Bing Xie, almost by local officials “individual person”. However, Zuo Zongtang is not afraid of failure, do everything possible to find the success of sunshine and rain, back after the first Zheng Guofan to give advice and suggestions, and then take charge as chief of, step by step to do this on the way of life. Zheng Guofan more than Zuo Zongtang in his later years in fame, governor Jiang, Wu Ying scholar, a resolute and steadfast Hou, zhengyipin minister, his best career is two: one is to establish the cause of “Westernization”, the Qing Dynasty with modern gas; two is the pacification of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, to return to the Qing Dynasty unified. However, this is Zheng Guofan, the early jerseys supply center school exam (Xiu Cai) two match, then finally admitted to the graduate students (scholars), but only the equivalent of a postgraduate degree (with scholars). () later, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of rites, a penalty of five of the (Shi Lang), because the advice to Emperor Xianfeng, almost got his head cut off. Ordered the formation of Hunan, but also suffered defeat, Qimen Jing Gang of other major military setbacks, when the most shameful, he even wanted to plunge into the water. Just after Zheng Guofan is Zheng Guofan, he is very good at chewing failure, he knew that he was poor and his good “will”, so the first command to others, finally make a career.

“Chinese partner” in Cheng Dongqing said a sentence: failure is not terrible, really terrible is afraid of failure. The reason is simple: a person to do something failed, also know that next time to do this thing must have other ideas, it is the right path will be a step closer. From a certain meaning, and even can be said: the failure of the more likely we have more days after success. Fear of failure is different, people are afraid of failure, will not dare to try, try, we never know what he is able, what, what, what need do not need to, your day is not much difference between a year and a day, a year of life with not much difference. On the face of it, you have nothing to lose, and in fact you have lost the most important asset in your life.

People on one hundred, all kinds, each person’s personal conditions, the environment is different, there are various ways of success,