Incarnation of the Millennium swordsman

“Bang!”! Last time the book said, a figure dressed in black cloth orange clothing, dashing into the temples, straight nose and mouth, standing motionless in the crowd, do not turn head, eye blinking, hands, and vertical lightning judgment, jubilant teammates. Look at him again, a convergence in the sheath, murderous scattered, all in a short moment……” Last year, he was the quarterback in everyone “smuggled goods”, called today, killing the lightning, Tu cowboy, Ann and sago two teams will be cut next fall, has grown into a new generation Mustang thigh. Today, the “Knight”, we launched the Mustang Shaoxia – Trevor von Ann sago.

Simeon was born in rugby barrens College Northwestern University, he is not a spectacular player, until the fourth season is in the arena break something, of course we are referring to something but his college career almost his flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, can let a person forget. In the 2014 season, he was copied 11 times in a single season, completed only 7 passes, the pass rate was 85.2%, not only that, at the end of the season in the face of the University of Notre Dame competition, he suffered ligament tears season reimbursement. Throughout his career, Simeon played only 14 games in the first place on behalf of Northwestern University.

In the blink of an eye to the 2015 NBA draft, Simeon at home waiting for 3 days and 249 cis position, finally by John ELVIS – a call to Denver, it is reported that the reason was his fancy Elvis was given to the Chicago Winter Games, with sago in cold environment. The game experience, can help him to better adapt to the Denver plateau cold climate, is simply freezing. After last season, people think he can follow Arrakis Smith template, in time, not necessarily an sago into a new generation of short wang. However simian debut season as the defending champion quarterback, the face has been gradually fading out of the arena of Denver wild sago Ann’s eyes filled with confusion.
With a season low performance, “the name of the sago smuggled goods” word of mouth in the arena, people laughed at him, taunting him, accusing him, even the younger brother Paxton Lynch are eager to seize power. As Simeon was swept into the dustbin as it is frozen, in Jianghu people gradually faded under the door and a Mustang “Simon” killer when he came back, an offseason sago with their good performance once again impressed the coaching staff, won the main position for yourself.

The last round, the Broncos in the same district come Tiguan rivals Losangeles lightning, threw two touchdowns on ANN sago, wholesale jerseys helping the team poise, of course, they should be grateful to the British Council or Oriental swordsman out any conceeded the last seconds of the quasi. In the face of small pie like lightning won the second round encounter so embarrassed, just zhanla giants of the Dallas cowboys, sago an usher in a real challenge. But this time the result beyond most people’s expectations, even him two big and took over Thomas Santos can only become a supporting role, facing Prescott and Elliot have the twins “American League team”, “Simon” without hesitation, a sword.
The Cowboys played against giants in the last game, and the defensive team only released three points, and today they are completely furnished in front of simi.

The first touchdown, with the return of the prodigal son found a sago AI Manuel Saunders, told the world Mo bully young poor. Second touchdowns in his pocket and easy to find running back C.J- Anderson, who catch after strolling into the end zone. Then, the third touchdown took place 3 minutes later, while Saunders painted the arc again, and Saunders said the cake tasted a bit like Manning. Finally, a touchdown and third is exactly the same, only the receiver for a near end Virgil – Green, said everyone has the sago cake, don’t don’t grab! With the same move defeated two opponents, as a swordsman, what better than this cool?

On weekdays, West ANN is very low-key, perhaps because of his draft in the back of the reason, “Mustang took over Dema J – Thomas said,” he came cheap jerseys from china Northwestern University, that kind of small place, he did not like talking to the media. As the season goes on, we may hear people talking about him, but it doesn’t really matter to him. He doesn’t care. ANN is very smart. He will be

The star of the league this year.”

Mustang and cowboy after the battle of plateau land, streets and lanes still spread the legend: Ann sago ten steps to kill a person, do not leave Trinidad, afterwards Fuxiu, hidden power and name. In the opening of “knight errant”, Mr. Jin Yong first used the poem by Li Bai. We like to see Trevor von Anhua sago as a through the knight, he looks cold, orange solitude.