Jonny Manzel is perhaps the New nfl jerseys cheap Orleans saints next goal, there is news that when the Super Bowl Weekend has seen Jonny Manzel and the New Orleans saints coach Sean Payton in a mysterious restaurant for breakfast, and talking about what. The meeting between the two men seemed to be talking about the possibility of Jonny – returning to NFL, which is a surprise because the state of Manzel is not fit to play football.

Manzel, Jonny

The message says, Sean Payton coach hope Manzel joined the New Orleans saints in a future period, it is not only the coach Payton verbally expressed interest only, Jonny Manzel itself is also making efforts, Manzel also tried from alcoholism and drugs addiction problems away. Manzel’s chaotic life has already made him lose his physical condition as a player, and he is out of the league.

Last year Jonny Manzel still exposed the terrible life, he is still in suspension, but his life is still bad, but now Manzel had not much money to spend, he needs to get a large amount of money to protect the work, no matter what, I want to go back to the NFL Manze, he continued to clarify their problems. But it doesn’t do any good,

Jonny – Manzel played only two seasons in NFL, he was once hailed as the Savior of the world, but in a total of about 1675 yards out of the array of 7 to send a copy of the cut, he left the NFL because of personal problems.

Chicago bears Mark – Sanchez

After Mark Sanchez visited Chicago, bears with Sanchez directly reached an agreement, the Chicago bears to agree with Mark Sanchez out of the requirement, Mark allow Sanchez to join the Chicago bears quarterback depth guaranteed the bears previously signed quarterback Mike getting with a partner.

Last season Mark Sanchez playing for the Dallas cowboys, as he star Dakota – Prescott bench played in cheap nba jerseys 3 games, a total of 18 shots per pass, only harvest two steals the bad answer. He has played 72 games in his career for the last eight years, and most of the time, Mark – Sanchez has been playing as a regular rotation player and has not been an absolute force.

After seeing 3 different starting quarterback in a season debut play, Chicago bears fans for Mark – Sanchez will  Customized NFL Jersey be used, after all now bears out eager, they completely ignore what the team introduced what kind of player, what kind of player away. So Mark Sanchez could compete in the bears a starting position, compared to Mark – Sanchez, Mike – getting obviously has better stability, at least on the season have been getting up front has not been steals too.

In contrast, the star team, the team suffered a bottleneck in the offensive side, in March in the 10 game, the team scored only 20 goals, which is not consistent with their strong offensive and defensive style. The recent performance of Jason – – because of back spasms missed two games, this game, he can not come back to the. The lack of the veteran in Dallas recently, golden spear can not find the star, Taylor Seguin last 7 games only scored 2 goals, no 1 assists, Captain Jamie in the 7 games failed to score in the past, only 3 assists. In the face of veteran Alex Helmskiy scored the game 2 Blackhawks play face ball, but I am afraid it is difficult to adhere to such a state.

The back of the line, the team leader John Klingberg past 7 games out of 3 assists, the performance in general, wholesale nfl jerseys china and besides, the other team defender on the offensive side of the performance is not ideal, the team’s offensive line to provide more support. However, in terms of offensive dominance, the team’s performance is still, the same situation in the field, the team’s offensive dominance this season accounted for 51.16%, ranking League of ninth.
The goalkeeper position is still the star team of the disaster, but fortunately the team the original pillar Kari – Rett South state rebounded recently, the last four appearances he has three games fighting rate reached 92.3%, including a shutout before the sharks, by virtue of his own performance will be such a season overall fighting rate to 90.4%, all in the league this season played more than 30 games in the goalkeeper ranked third, while his compatriots in the league as Niemi saves the countdown to the first rate of 89.2%.