What is the retrogression of the Patriot after two successive defeats?

After last week’s defeat at the Jaguar in Florida, this week’s nationally broadcast Sunday night game, the Patriots came to Detroit and were beaten by the lions again. The patriots had no chance to win the game, considering that the first week of the season at home in Foxburgh was just a close-up victory over the Texans. Private predictions before the season suggest that the Patriots will be greatly weakened, but the first two wins (two big defeats) were a unimaginable result. What was the difference between the patriots? This article asks you for analysis.

First, the “massacre tragedy” during the off-season.

In the NFL League to build a team, talent, discipline, tacit understanding and so on are indispensable, if a team in the off-season experience a substantial loss of personnel, the team often difficult to achieve good results, far from the 2015 off-season, when the league team in San Francisco experienced the off-season “new England patriots jerseys sale” Coach Jim Hubble, star guard Patrick Willis and team pillar Justin Smith and Mike Eupati have left the team, until now has not slowed down. A lot of friends will say, Bailey Cheik leads the team, this team will not collapse. For the first three weeks at least, Belicheck was not Zhuge Liangziya’s generation. He had not yet learned the art of becoming a soldier by dotting the stone. He analyzed the important loss of each position.

In summary, all the important players the Patriots lost during the off-season will not be replaced unless the outsider, Josh Gordon, who has just been traded, can play at his peak. In short, the lack of individual talent is the most important reason for this team’s very competitive decline. In addition, although the new England patriots are not losing superstars, but for the team, not only lost talent, but also in recent years gradually cultivated chemical reactions.

Two, the whole defense problem is quite a lot.

Look at the Patriots’defensive statistics this season, averaging 25.7 points per game, League 20; 406.3 yards per game, League penultimate 5. As a defensive coordinator’s coach, Belicheck will be embarrassed to see this set of data, it is not difficult to understand that a bad defensive team can not survive in the league.

Throughout the history of the Patriots team, the loss of points ranked sixth, first and second during the first four years of the century, and nearly a decade without the championship, the team became a strong defensive team, and the last two championships, Patriots lost points ranked eighth and first, the fact that defense is the team to win the championship The wind vane.

Three, is it just bad? The attack is much more than you think.

It’s an obvious problem with the offensive team that the outsider is too weak to support Brady. There’s not much to say. Let’s talk about a couple of hidden problems.


In addition to the above three points, the team is often a slow start, digging the pit to disrupt the game’s established arrangements, when the score is lagging behind the lack of drive and determination to chase points crazy, the team experienced in the last 20 years a rare spirit of dissipation.

Starting with one host, two guests, and last year’s runners-up, it looks like it’s okay to win one or two new England patriots jerseys games, but that’s just what the league’s regular teams demand. As usual, patriots usually have to win two or even three games. A group of interesting statistics, the Patriots for the first time in this century behind the United States Eastern Conference in the first two wins, and now the Dolphins win three games, but I have no doubt that the Patriots can easily overtake the Dolphins in the latter part of the season, nearly 18 seasons in the United States won the playoffs 16 times the East qualifications, but if you rely on today’s line-up to compete for the super Bowl? Almost impossible.

During the season we may see the news of the departure of Glencosky or famous veterans such as Devon McCotty, or the shocking first-round deal for Le Vion Bell, not only when the patriots are in danger of survival, but also when they can’t break.