The New York giants in the safety position of manpower shortage, in training have to fill this position over the outside, they instead try to pick a veteran.

According to informed sources, the giants will make the 31 year old veteran Safety – Wittner for their trial weidong.

This week a few giant defender, who swam Nate “(Nat Berhe) to enter the black concussion inspection process, and another tour Wei up Ryan Thompson (Darian Thompson) injury situation is, need to accept the inspection every week.

Before the opening of Cleveland Brown was laid off and has visited the Carolina Panthers Wittner No one shows any interest in the free agent market at the end of August, but did not get the position.

In addition to Whitner, it is revealed the giant is the trial safety will Hill, Johnson and Shamir – Gary Jerome.

The nfl official believes in is not the case, let the veteran is a matter of choice! Sometimes veteran will play the biggest role! Let’s look forward to the performance of several players!