NFL opening champion, defending champion Eagle wins the start.

In the early morning of September 7, Beijing time, the NFL 2018-19 season opens with the defending champions Philadelphia Eagle at the Lincoln Financial Stadium against the Atlanta Falcons. Eventually the Eagles defeated the Falcons 18-12, and the Falcons quarterback Matt Lane scored 21 passes, 251 yards and was intercepted one time. Eagle quarterback Nick Fowles 34 pass 19, 117 yards, 1 times were copied.


A wonderful review

In the first quarter, the Atlanta Falcons jerseys took the lead in attacking. The first attack of the new season began with the early start of the forwards. Then the Falcons headed out into the Red Zone with Julio Jones in the connecting belt. The first three consecutive attacks failed in the first yard of the Red Zone, the fourth-gear punch failed, and the Falcons missed the lead. The chance to raise the ball and surrender the right to play. The falcons’ defense was very solid and did not give Eagle any chance to get them out of the three gear. However, the Falcons obviously wanted to finish their first offense with a touchdown in the season’s opening game, but it didn’t work out as the Falcons failed in four sets and the ball was in the hands of the Eagle.

New Kobe Super Bowl MVP jerseys Nick Fowles apparently just started feeling bad, three attacking only six yards forward, had to abandon the kick. The falcons returned the ball in less than 2 minutes.

The Falcons apparently chose to be more steady after their first attack, with Matt Lane passing short to runner-up Twen Coleman, who ran down the big yards and went straight into the Eagle’red zone. But the Falcons didn’t seem to have much in the Red Zone. They stopped in front of the Eagle’finishing line again after three sets. Obviously, the Falcons would not take any more chances to punch the fourth set. The free-kick was the first to score three points, 3-0.

Neither side scored again until the end of the half court game, and 6:3’s score ended at half-time.

In the last quarter, Falcons quarterback Matt Lane was still in a low state, and if it hadn’t been for the Philadelphia Eagle jerseys ‘two unfortunate fouls, the Falcons would have given up early. But Matt Lane, who had fouled the Eagle into the opposition’s red zone, still failed to seize the opportunity, and Julio Jones, who was supposed to be the number one outsider, failed to communicate well. The pass was cut off by the Eagle and missed the scoring opportunity.

Fortunately, Dallas Goldt, the Eagle’second-round proximity forward, made a serious mistake in the next round. He failed to control the ball and was hit by Falcons guard Damonta Qazi. Dion Jones caught the ball and finished the interception. This time the Falcons didn’t let the chance slip away. Runner-guard Twen Coleman ran into the area to take the lead, but last season’s top-notch kicker Matt Bryant failed to score the extra point, 12:10.

Although the Falcons also had a chance to kill the Eagles in the end, but today the Goddess of Fortune did not stand on the Falcons side, let alone Matt-Ryan’s poor form, regrettably lost the game. The Eagle won the game today, but the Super Bowl MVP Fowles did not play a dominant game against the poor Falcons. But this is the first game of the season and hopefully both teams can adjust their form for the rest of the season.