When I lived The poor is browns in landianchang, a barracks qb jerseys cold wine near, early will have the bugle sounded. In the dark, trance will feel every time ring number is in the middle of the night, I also with the trumpets, parents were awakened, shivering.

The twilight of the bugle, the air coal taste, is my 14 years ago in Beijing on the first impression in winter. The reason to get up so early, because at that time the physical education has a kilometer run, the exam will have this. The father will accompany me to get up early every day running, I often looked on the road landianchang road is a desolate, father patted the head that I hurry.

When wearing a double star shoes, English named Double Star. The first time I heard that Double Star thought it was a famous brand such as Nike, but the translation is known to be binary. When the boys wear star class, only a few always wear brand-name shoes, when the class will his feet far, the legs will roll higher than others. Those sitting I now remember, did not understand why they always think about Wei sat, now jerseys china factory is that reason. In those lights cast to the road, my father and I often hear each other’s footsteps and breathing only. Many years later, I was in so much of the evening with his father to walk, will remember that year with the father of the road, think of those years I always run out of.

My father put all his hopes on me at that time. He is from the County Bureau of the resignation of the sea to do business in Beijing, with his wife and son, home all the cash to me at the end of the one thousand remaining sponsorship fees. Many people ask us why so emotional, abandoned town appeared, drift to suffer. Parents will say, afraid of their children will be admitted to a good school in the future can not afford, for fear of taking a good school we do not know the door. Say to the root, parents will say, because reading less, did not think.

So, when I was in Beijing for the first time in school mathematics exam before the exam 79 points, in the night after that father stormed out, standing in the yard outside, smoke looked at the distance, gas cigarette holding hands are shaking, it is I have seen the most disappointed about my father figure. My parents took me to Beijing to play when I was in primary school. In Tiananmen square, the father asked a man who picked up a bottle how much he could earn a month, two thousand. So my father said, you can stay, stay and pick up the trash. Because his father’s salary was only eight hundred. Now we are civil servants to squeeze, although it was the end of the sea tide, but his father was fired with the excellent performance of public squid, or shock Xiang County, the county is rife with rumours that we said that my father was in Beijing to drug trafficking, otherwise no logic can explain. What drug, for a chat, even when we don’t burn heating, to hit the ice out every day and night. The water vapor will be tightly sealed the door, there are few people have experienced. Second years is even less than the Chinese new year, only $two hundred, even the home can not go back.

But at that time, after all, did not starve to death. My mother said Beijing people stupid, eat duck eat skin, then leave a fleshy duck shelf is two yuan a, so the mother buy duck shelf for me to eat. I don’t remember how much you eat, mother said that when squatting at the entrance to eat a whole, she looked very happy, but also regret that time did not give me up, and I was not like Uncle so high.

My mother will buy dying Wholesale jerseys authentic loach for me to eat. She said the morning was selling to the market of loach, tossed will discolor the belly, looks like the dead, so only sold a piece of Qian Yijin. The mother bought them, and they were all alive with cold water.

What is actually dead, decades before the market to buy fish, can have several is alive? Last year see “women forty”, above the mother to buy fish is waiting for fish, while also seems to beat the sellers do not pay attention to the fish. If this piece is put in the crosstalk will make people laugh, I heard would laugh, but then I thought of her mother had bought the dying loach. The mother bought loach will take them away, the sun on the roof. Can be seen every time to buy, dried in the presence of the bottle slowly eat.

Once the mother to wear slippers on the roof, to slide down, big toe poked iron dustpan, a lot of blood flow. For a month, I helped my mother every few days to go to the hospital for dressing, the Sijiqing pass through the road, the road is running with my father.

The road is now full of prosperity, a little can not find the shadow. I couldn’t remember the way that year, because, either at the beginning of the dawn, or when I was in my mother’s arms. His mother, my heart is like her feet hurt, where will notice, so everything on the road that hospital impressions are concentrated in the mother around a few feet, the rest are already fuzzy.