On Sunday, at The power cheap good home to accompany her quality nike nfl jerseys of dreams daughter to watch the cartoon “chicken buhaore”, the two cute and chubby weasel tall high day dream to eat chicken, weekdays they assiduously to catch the chicken, chicken hard to practice skills, as long as there is an opportunity, they will go all out, has not caught the chicken of the drive does not stop.

However, the chicken is so smart, every time their plans fell through, but all in vain, not only did not catch chicken chicks, was also very badly and got gray, scarred. Despite this, they still enjoy it, do not be discouraged, do not give up, keep on fighting, dedicated to the pursuit of A fighting spirit soars aloft., the ideal of their own. So, they fall into a ridiculous cycle, always want to catch the chicken, but never eat chicken.

Once, the tall high fat get disheartened said: “since every time we can’t catch the chicken, why to catch?” A high categorically replied: “what do you know, we caught not chicken, but dream.”

Savor this sentence, it was found that contains a profound philosophy of life, that is, life can lose a lot of things, but can not be without hope. During the Second World War, Nazi Germany built many narrow room in largest discount nfl jerseys Auschwitz Concentration Camp, every room has a square foot window, through the small window, the prisoners can see the outside world, whenever some birds freely across from the front, they face a happy smile, full of hope; however, there are also some people only focus on outside walls and barbed wire, they look dignified, anxious and restless heart. As a result, with the passage of time, the former because of the dream, strong to live down; while the latter because they can not see hope, has not yet been liberated, died in the depressed.

There is a Homer’s “Odyssey” in the true saying: “not what wandering aimlessly, more intolerable.” If a man does not have a goal in life, and will become empty and lonely, Yong Yong, doing nothing, the soul can not find the destination, such as one with a dead-alive person.

Dream is the hope of a person’s life, but also a spiritual support, but also the strength of a person to forge ahead, for the dream of life is the most happy thing. Because of the dream, Goujian will bear hardships, willing to be slaves; because of the dream,nfl jerseys for sale I and Sun Jingcai will be pinching, painstaking study; because of the dream, Wen Tianxiang will be issued a “All men are mortal., according to retain loyalty” heroic authentic nfl jerseys tone; because of the dream. Martin Ruud Kim will remain fearless, for the cause of black liberation struggle for life.

In the way of your dreams, everyone will encounter setbacks and misfortune, will encounter defeat, if we give up on themselves, indulging in pain, then we will accomplish nothing, life will become dark. Song writer Wang Anshi once said: “the farsighted, just because at the top.” The great English poet Shelley once said: “the clouds, you will see the sun.” The difficulties are temporary, as long as you have the perseverance, can engrave stone “dedication, toward the goal diligently to struggle, even Tieshu, will have the day of flowering.

Of course, doing one thing, we don’t need to have much as, also do not have to care about the outcome, learn to enjoy the process, as long as their pursuit, worked hard and struggled, even if not successful, my life is full and happy, rich and colorful.