Another! The head of the ram defense team refused to take part in the training camp

In leviant – Baer because the contract after the strike, Beckham published take Max Aaron Donald alliance, glanced at his contract, going to do what. In the training camp for the Losangeles rams, we didn’t see the top defensive player of the league.

Unlike Baer, Donald is still in the rookie contract, the rams have chosen to implement his $6 million 900 thousand contract option in 2018, he simply wants a big contract. In June this year, Donald has missed the team’s Mini camp, ram has opened for him a “huge” contract, but Donald seems determined not here, what he wants is the league’s top player salary.

Aaron Donald since his debut had 3 times in the past two years of continuous occupation bowl, selected the best team of the year and won the best defensive rookie of the year, last season with 8 sacks and 2 manufacturing dropped the ball, is considered to be one of the league’s best defensive player. Unlike other defensive shots, he has a lot of headaches and a lot of headaches for his opponents, starting with a steady start, with his explosive feet, moving with his feet, and his nimble hands.

Few teams have chosen to renew their contract after two years left in the player’s rookie contract, but Aaron – Donald is trying to change the situation, and he has a reason to raise his salary. The New York giants star took over Odair – Beckham and Donald were similar, a few days ago, the voice wanted to get the League top salary, but the difference is, David Beckham did not choose to stop training.

The Xi’an rams coach Sean McVeigh has just entered, and most of all coordinator vip jerseys for a time, the team needs most is stable, no rams capital loss good players like Aaron Donald.

This little unpleasantness has been going on for 4 days, and the two sides are still trying to reach a consensus, but it is clear that Aaron Donald is not enjoying the process.

Narrowly, jury to withdraw and Leon Conley charges

The first round of the Oakland Raiders show Leon Conley this summer has been spent in because he was always on tenterhooks, involved in a rape case.

The Ohio state outstanding cornerback in the draft of the two days ago suddenly burst to rape, which makes him very upset at this point in time to make such a thing will undoubtedly make his draft pick down. From wanted to work for myself No one shows any interest in, Conley, said he was framed, and even participated in many of the team’s polygraph test, but after the Raiders in doing a full investigation, giving him enough credit.

After that with the in-depth investigation, the signs seem to be really Conley was framed, he nfl jerseys is also very cooperate with the police work, to provide DNA samples and made a voluntary testimony described. The United States on July 31st, Ohio prosecutors finally announced on Leon Conley charges does not exist, the jury revoked the charges against him.

Just last week, Conley and team signed his rookie contract, the Raiders general manager Reggie McKinsey after the draft has said he is willing to choose Conley “I know he relates to the problem, but before we do the research, we do not only the investigation, also reading all of his report in the following, we discussed, we are willing to make such a choice, and have faith in this young man.”

Out of such a thing before the draft, the intention is to let the Conley fall a poor location, the heart is not bad. His ability to match the 15 pick, but eventually the Raiders pick 24 to go, as things vanish, Conley can concentrate on preparing for the new season, the Raiders undoubtedly picked up a great deal.