All of the above The real force broncos unretire jerseys weak who still smile burst, or look at me! When I was born in 1993, I didn’t walk down the road, and the doctor decided I was not five. However, just a few minutes ago, I was using Taobao to choose their own twenty year old birthday present.

I have been to a hospital in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other cities while my peers are still in kindergarten. When their peers are still playing on the seesaw, when Tiaopi Jin, I am experiencing medical equipment worth millions, walk around in my body.

I eat pigs will not eat the medicine, the needle pricked with current, miraculous practiced Qigong, even lived all abandoned orphanage. The lonely days, surrounded by children with mental retardation. The most lonely time, I can only sing a song in the corridor……

Twenty years, my mother did not know that I was dying to notice how largest discount jerseys many doctors received. A thick wad of paper, she nailed to the wall with a ten cm nail, said this very memorable.

When I was young, I endured the pain of the body. When I grow up, I feel the pain inside. Sometimes, I could not help but ask: “why did God choose me to bear all this?” But no one can give me an answer. I can only say that, unfortunately and lucky, need someone to bear.

Fate, Hugh on justice!

In recent years, my health is declining, hospital names are also increasing, what heart failure, kidney stones, hydronephrosis, cholecystitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, pulmonary infection and so on. I have thought about the future of all my organs, or donated to those who need it more, or for medical research. But according to the present situation, in addition to my cornea and brain, can help the normal healthy working organs, really very limited.

My biggest regret is not to go to school, of course, the reasons for regret not what “unremitting self-improvement” shit reason, but cheap football jerseys unfortunately not like normal people like to make friends, know pretty girls, talk about a simple love. But like a madman Nietzsche says: “what does not kill me makes me stronger.”

It is because I didn’t go to school that I could have more free time to study. I am proud that I have kept one hundred thousand words a day. Although I do not know why I want to read, but I think this is a serious way of life.

I am not a typical example of MS Zhang Haidi, nor is it a literary person like Mrs. Shi Tiesheng. I am just an ordinary professional patient”. But I want to say, really great, not those who can casually boast about deeds, but those who still smile in the plight of the people.

This is the first question I know to answer. Expect to know more friends.

PS: as the saying goes: there are pictures and the truth, with a month ago was 120 away, when the rescue with a trocar. This needle is a hose, can stay in the human body in January without running needle.

Thank you for your blessings and encouragement. I did not expect their own careless answer, can get so much approval and reply. I would like to thank everyone for their blessings, but found that the review has now reached 220, it is more than enough. Do you answer them tentatively added a few friends in the problem.

First of all thanks to @TaoTao and @ Liu Xuan, thank you for coming to see me. If possible, I also hope to know you, after all, a person’s day, really lonely. Unfortunately, too far apart we are, my home in Xinjiang, to throw a plane, a small holiday for 513 days, the train from Xinjiang to one and a half, have to pray for great authorities not late.

Second, thanks to @Sven classmates, thank you for his willingness to jerseys from china share my life with me, even if it is difficult to achieve. I used to think that if one day I had everything that normal people had, including health, I wouldn’t have been so serious about life today. The cruelty of life lies in its short life and its value. If one day I become immortal, that moment, I guess I will fall into the whirlpool of emptiness and loose, is death.

Thank you, sir. For your question, I do not know how to answer, because there is no specific statistics. But it cost a lot of money, my parents always said: “someone else’s child is taking a meal feeding out, our son is sticking out of the money.”

Thank you @ Cheng Feng, @ Chu Chu and @webgeekman three classmates. The first time I knew that I could get the approval of everyone, I was very lucky. I will try to answer more problems in the future, if possible, I hope to be able to do a day. However, in addition to their own level is limited, my typing speed will be very slow, because I use the mouse a point out of.

Thanks @ Cao Mengdi, @ @GayScript three and Wei Zhuang table know God, you are all I know about into the first batch of BOSS, thank you for your return I fly. Thanks @ ADA classmates, thank you for your concern, although I run on both sides of the Changjiang River for so many years, but no hospital can clearly answer me, what is my cause.