Graham has entered the final year of his contract with the wholesale nfl jerseys Seahawks. The Seahawks did not intend to its termination. Graham will spend the Seahawks in 2017, then according to the Seahawks his Graham future performance.
Last season, Graham was regarded as a total of 94 times to pass, the ball every time he can take an average of 14.2 yards in front of all the near end are ranked first.

The Seahawks may extend the contract with Graham; and if Graham in the next season to fulfill the contract into the free agent market, the Seahawks will get a compensation draft pick.
The Redskins coach until 2020 to establish a dynasty, there must be a good commander, a founder. Coach Popovich at the Sanantonio spurs and coach Billy Cheik at the new England patriots. Today, the Washington Redskins also decided their future founder, outstanding coach Jay Gruden and Washington Redskins contract until 2020, cehap jerseys wholesale Washington decided to create the future of Korean coach gruden.

Jay Gruden and coach red extended two-year contract, Gruden and previous Washington Redskins in 2014 and the Redskins signed a 5 year contract with the Redskins Gruden, currently has two years, but the ability and led Gruden’s result is quite remarkable, therefore is not red to make such an outstanding talent loss.

Gruden is pleased to continue coaching in Washington, he said he will continue to work in the foundation has already achieved, help the Redskins have a better future. And this is also the Redskins owner Dan Schneider in the red since the first coach to renew and red.

Gruden from the beginning of 2014 the overall record coaching red after 21 wins and 26 losses and 1 level, in addition to the first season run in period in the 2015 season, Gruden led the team to win the NL East first place with 9 wins and 7 negative results, but last season finished 8 wins Red 8 negative results the ranking in the East, third failed to enter the playoffs. But this is red for the first time in recent years for the two consecutive season wins than losses.

Earlier, the Redskins quarterback Kirk on the main – cousins use privilege may have a red label, Cousins with a long-term contract. This way a cornerstone of the team to stay in red, for this team is really very important. Now Jay Gruden has been with the Redskins. He will celebrate his 60 birthday on Saturday, this is probably the best birthday gift.