Hafid lingered The scroll buffalo bills before the bronze mirror and girls jerseys story looked at herself. “Only the eyes are young.” He turned automatic speaking, while slowly in the vast marble floor walk. He dragged the pace of aging through between the Black Agate pillar, through several floral carved ivory table.

The bed and the sofa chair made a turtle in the twilight. The walls studded with precious stones, glittering tapestry of exquisite design. Bronze pot, large palm Ye Jingjing growth, basking in the beauty of the fountain in the plaster. Jewel encrusted flower and inside the flowers are for. Those who came to this magnificent building haifee guests will say that he is a millionaire.

The old man through a walled garden, walked into the building on the other jerseys Free Shipping side about five hundred steps away from the barn. He is waiting for him at the entrance of Erasmus duct.

Grandpa is good”

Hafid nodded silently, continue to walk. Erasmus puzzled behind him, he did not understand why the owner chose this place to meet. And the two of them went to the discharge side of the stage, the sea Philippines stopped, looked at the bags of goods carried down from the carriage to be arranged and stacked in the warehouse.

A minor wool, linen, parchment, carpet and oil for these goods, local production of glass, figs, walnuts, essence, Parr Myra island and Arabia medical herbs, ginger, cinnamon and gem, Egyptian corn, paper, granite and alabaster plaster and black porcelain, Babylon tapestry Rome, oil painting, and the Greek statue. The air was filled with the smell of the essence, and the sensitive nose smelled of sweet plums, apples, cheese and ginger.

Then, he turned to Erasmus: “how much cash our vaults now?”



“I don’t have a lot of inventory, but it’s always over seven million gold.”

How much is the spot in the warehouse converted into gold?”

“Sir, this quarter shipment hasn’t arrived, but I think at least the three million gold coins.”

Hafid nodded. “Don’t buy it. Sell all the stock right away and change it into gold.”

Mister pipe stunned, a word can not say. He was like a shot like back a few steps jerseys from china , not easy to say: “Sir, you confused me, this year’s best wealth, stores said last quarter sales volume increased. Even the Rome military is buying us, you are not in two weeks, sold to the governor of Jerusalem, Arabia (two hundred) horse? Please forgive me, sir, I seldom contradict you, but this time, I really don’t understand, why do you want to……”

Hafid smiled and gently pulled the old Iran’s hand, “old Iraq, before you remember the years when you first arrived, the first thing I want you to do?”

Erasmus frowned, then suddenly a bright eyes, “you told me a year to put half of earnings to the poor.”

“At that time, didn’t you think I was a fool for business?”

“I think……”

Hafid nodded, pointing to the unloading station, “you admit that worry now?”

“Yes, sir”

“Well, I advise you to have faith in what I have just asked you to do, and I will explain to you what I mean. I’m old and I don’t need something very simple, since Lisa left, I decided to give all the wealth to the poor in the city, to keep enough. In addition to cleaning up property, I hope you prepare some documents, the branch of the proof of ownership, transfer to all branches of the accountant, also in five thousand out of gold for every accountant, so many years they have been the center for hard work. Later, they like to sell what they sell.”

Erasmus Zhang mouth, haifee waved to stop him.

“You don’t really like it, do you?””

Mister tube shook his head, barely escaping smile, “no, sir, I just don’t understand why you want to do, you seem to explain……”

“You are like this, old Iraq, always think of me, never think for ourselves, our business is not done. You don’t plan for yourself?”

“I have been with you for so many years, how can I just want to own”

The sea Philippines supports the old servant said: “no, I want you to put fifty thousand coins to your account immediately, and then I beg you to stay, I have a mind for many years after the walk. Then I’ll leave the building and the warehouse to you, and I’ll find Lisa.”

The old manager opened his eyes wide and looked at his master. He couldn’t believe his ears. “Fifty thousand gold coins,…… How do I deserve it……”

Hafid nodded, “I always take your loyalty as the greatest wealth, and it is more than up, I give you this little things do not count what. You know the art of living, not for yourself, but for others. What I want you to do now is to help me finish my plan as soon as possible. My days are running out. For me, nothing is more important than the event.”

Erasmus turned to master saw eye tears, “you said you had the wish not, what is the wish?