This offseason “beast” horse Sean Lynch would cheap nfl jerseys be back to the NFL arena has become one of the most concerned about the topic recently, Lynch’s former club Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol revealed the important information, 10 days ago, Carol and Lynch have had in-depth conversation, Carol said Sean Lynch – at least in the repeated horse considering whether he should return NFL game to play.

“He came into our office, and to visit again, I know that he want to see when the heart is very happy, but I cannot tell you how strong his heart, you will have to ask him, but you will not have this opportunity.” Peter Carol quipped, but apparently Carol revealed a lot of information.

Earlier this month, Ma Sean – Lynch and the Oakland Raiders always together, but the fact is that Lynch himself said that his ideas, he officially announced his retirement in May 2016, if he wants to restore the player, that he and the Seattle Seahawks have a contract for two years, but even so, the Seattle Seahawks there is not enough space for Lynch Lynch, according to the contract, the contract will occupy the Seahawks $9 million space in 2017, but in 2018 is $7 million, in addition to a $3 million bonus to stay in the team. If the return of Lynch and want to join the Raiders. The Seahawks would surrender Lynch or traded him. We can only find some clues from Carol’s words, but Carol’s return to the problem of the return of the kept under cover, but it seems that there is indeed a return to the meaning of Lynch.

“I don’t know, if the time that our talks and the matter, it depends on how he approached this offseason, he looks very good, it was in his way, he must be prepared and fully into it, because he must go deep into the game, the hearts of the flame still burning, I can’t say I told him exactly what chat, wholesale nfl jerseys china but remember that his heart is constantly struggle.”

The Red Wings general manager Ken Hollander announced yesterday at the news, and said the team temporarily do not know whether leglendenin need surgery.
27 year old Glenn Durning ushered in the outbreak last season, the game was a career high of 21 points, such performance also brought him a new contract.
But he didn’t have a good time this season. In the first two seasons he averaged more than 14 minutes in the game, but now it’s only about 12 minutes and 55 seconds.
The team leader said: “today is probably the best we have done, the last time a lot of progress, I think the situation is really good every day.”

After tomorrow against the Detroit Red Wings game, lightning on Sunday will challenge Montreal canadians.
At present in the battle for the Eastern Lightning last wild card in three points behind the Boston bears, but they had a brown bear against the edge of the record.
It is reported that flash player Steven – Sitamokesi close, but will not play the game tomorrow against Detroit red wings.

According to the team reporter Blaine Burns reported that the team coach Jon – Cooper said: “we will put him into the daily observation, he will not play for the Red Wings game, but then he is likely to return.”
Star Mok J’s knee injury has been sidelined since last November. Today, however, he and his teammates carried out the training, joined the sprint training, and even participated in the multi play less practice.
The Seattle Seahawks have received a lot about Richard Sherman’s trading price, but the Seahawks don’t want to send the occupation bowl player, Pete Carol’s attitude is very firm.

“Either competition or give up on anything, so we are open-minded, some teams will call us, so we talked, but Sherman is our important player, so we also have a chat. Nothing else will happen, whether it’s Sherman or any other player, all this is just a rumor. Sherman is a great player and he can influence wholesale cheap jerseys other teams, so I can see someone interested in him.” Carol said.

Richard Sherman almost never left the Seattle Seahawks, he is a strong cornerback, the Seahawks defensive star group is, despite last season Carol and Sherman had some unpleasant, but those problems are not just race each one airs his own views. With this offseason, Sherman undoubtedly will stay in the Seattle seahawks.