Study hard and you’ll get bonus, Sherman says no problem

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman last year promised a high school student Virginia, as long as the girls can improve performance, he will provide the girls a full scholarship as a reward. And now he has fulfilled his promise.

The lucky girl called ho shae – James, Richard – a Sherman team mate Michael Robinson in his last year before the organization met the girl, and then Sherman in order to motivate the young people to study hard, so to make a promise, for their own behavior, Sherman said he just want young people to study hard every day.

“Knowledge is power, if you have the knowledge you have the ability to be whoever you want to be, no one can stop a person to learn knowledge, try to motivate these children to do what they want to do, if we can use their presence to help others with our name, our words to others, then we are willing to do so.” Richard – Sherman said, his ideas with the agreement of the Seattle Seahawks nfl jerseys concept. Although Richard Sherman did not disclose what sponsored scholarships, but for what James shae, enough money to help her in the State University in Noffke living and learning, the girls of Sherman indebted forever.

“When I started my studies, I did scholarship as my goal, this year for me is really successful, sometimes some expecting something can indeed play like this help, your hard work finally paid off.” What shae James said.
The Vikings quarterback recovered quickly and was close to comeback

The Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Qi Mo has been very concerned about the development of their team, as for him, he is very concerned about the team’s quarterback Teddy – Bree jiwote, due to eye surgery, he needs a good rest at home, so he looked not less Teddy – Bree jiwote in the team training camp in the video Bree, jiwote appeared in the first stage of the Vikings training camp, because of the absence of injury left knee for 9 months he returned to the training ground.

Teddy – in training camp in Bree jiwote left leg still a bandage, but from his passing and moving posture, the recovery of more than Bree jiwote much better. Mike Qi Mo apparently read a lot about Bree jiwote video for Bree jiwote injuries, he maintained a cautious optimism.

“I see a lot of video, he passes well, he maintained a very good rate and precision, it makes you feel proud of him, but he still has a long way to go, but his recovery has exceeded everyone’s expectations, I think so.” Mike said although Mo Qi had not healed, eyes, he began to care about his own disciples is healed.

Teddy jiwote – Bree made some adaptive training in Vikings training on the first day, and then return because he missed the team second days of training, and medical personnel of the information given is the ideal recovery of Bree jiwote, allow Bree jiwote continue to training. Not surprisingly, this season will be brie jiwote in pre-season in the first stage.

No. four shows the ability to catch the ball and will lead the Jaguar to turn over

Leonard Fornet is clearly a strong running back, but one thing is to doubt his ability to catch the ball, but the cheap jerseys from china Jacksonville Jaguars do not worry about these issues, when the Louisiana State University play, Leonard Fornet has not been questioned because of this problem, jaguars coach Doug Malone after training, more I believe Fornet is the player can change the jaguar.

“One of the most impressive things about him was his catch, and I was very excited about his ability to catch.” Malone said.

At the Louisiana State University Fornet a total of 616 times during the validity of the ball 3830 yards rushing scored 40 touchdowns, but in the ball, but only 41 times, but his ball size can reach 12.8 yards, however, really not what reason would have been suspicious of his team with the ball, especially when he showed such strength after.

“I have been a gift, only in school, I want to run the ball, so I rarely show the strength, but when they pass the ball to me, I can use any coming towards me. I can finish the high level catch, and I can concentrate on it.” Fornet said.