Seattle Seahawks

Yesterday, the Seattle Seahawks chaep nfl jerseys signed a six years have not played regular rugby player, and today the Seahawks continue to sell, they signed a two-year not player, the player is former Miami dolphins defensive player Duhem – Jordan. The Seahawks reached an agreement with Jordan today.

Duhem – Jordan in March 31st this year failed to pass the team’s physical examination, so the Miami dolphins chose to give up the player has not played a game for two years. The Miami dolphins’ 2017 season has set aside $3 million 225 thousand in cash.

Duhem Jordan who can play multiple positions, he can be as strong in the Seattle Seahawks defensive side defensive tactics, personnel depth can also serve the defensive end position of the front of the seahawks. Duhem Jordan’s position and the last leave to join Raiders defensive player Bruce – Erwin’s tactical role similar to that in the last season as the Seahawks side guard Mike strong – Morgan, but now Morgan has become the free player.

Duhem Jordan has a very high talent, this is also the past wholesale nfl jerseys two years still retain Jordan dolphin contract, Jordan’s last appearance dates back to the 2014 season, he made 20 tackles and 1 sacks that season, 2016 to recover from injury of Jordan has not to show the coach enough to serve as the starting state, two failed to contact the race, even if the upper limit of talent is very high, but his game is still questionable, this is also the Miami dolphins finally gave up his cause.

Although the Senate this season suffered a number of injuries, but fortunately they are able to return to the playoffs at this time, the team striker Clark Macarthur suffered a concussion in the team training camp last week, only to return to court; starting goalkeeper Craig Anderson also left the team in the last two months to take care of his sick wife but, he returned to the team after the performance has been stable, is absolutely depend on the team; the main Zach – Smith and Eric – Carlsson’s injury uneventfully and be able to play in the series opener, this is undoubtedly a good news for the team.

The senator’s general manager Pierre – Leon in the trade deadline for the team in exchange for Alex – Bolos, Victor Stahlberg and Tommy Weigall J, although to a certain extent, compensate for the lack of team attack, but if they want to go farther in the playoffs, must solve the problem is in addition to Kell turits Mike, Hoffman and captain Carlsson several people, the key moment must have other players to stand up for the team, in the face of the brown bear such veteran team if only rely on their own defence system is clearly not enough.

Overall, it is expected that the two sides of this chaep jerseys series will not be a goal war, the two teams will not be very different points. Although in the 4 game of the regular season in the Senate swept the brown bear, but the start of the playoffs after these data no longer has any meaning, both sides are likely to become a dark horse in the playoffs this year, whether you are still bears the senator’s fans must have confidence in them. In a word, welcome to the NHL playoffs, where everything is possible.

Duhem Jordan is the 2013 round of the show, the Seattle Seahawks signed him the usual Taobao means, I do not know in the defensive coaching Seahawks excellent under the guidance of Jordan can change.