There are many The secret largest discount nfl jerseys people to ten fables listen to a philosopher to teach the secret of success in life, the results of the philosopher to each audience a booklet, there are 10 fables, people read, they feel a lot of benefits.

“Believe in yourself is an eagle”

A person at the top of the mountain Yingchao, caught a young eagle, he brought home David hawk, raised in cages. The young eagle and chicken pecking, play and rest. He thought he was a chicken. The eagle grew up, full-fledged, the owner would like to train falcons, but because all day and chicken mixed together, it has become exactly the same as the chicken, there is no desire to fly. The master tried all kinds of ways, all have no effect, finally took it to the top of the mountain, a throw it out. This stone like eagle, straight fall, panic cheap nfl jerseys in the wings, it is hard to swat so, it finally flew up!

Tip 1: hone the power of success.

^ ^ five coins

One’s people live in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Once, the young Abag and his father lost their way in the grasslands, and tired and afraid of Abag, to the last move. My father from his pocket 5 coins, a coin is buried in the grass, the other 4 are put in the hands of abage, said: “there are 5 pieces of gold, childhood, youth, youth, middle-aged and elderly each have one, you are now only used one, is buried in the grass in the ring, you can put 5 coins are thrown in the grassland, you should be a little bit of land, each with a different, so don’t waste your life. Today, we must go out of the grassland, you will have to go out of the grassland. The world is big, people alive, it is necessary to go more places, see more, do not let your gold useless to throw away.” In his father’s encouragement, that day abage out of the grassland. After growing up, abage left home and became an outstanding captain.

Tip 2: cherish life, you can get out of the swamp of frustration.

^ ^ sweep sunlight

There are two brothers, aged only four or five years old, as the bedroom windows are closed all day, they think the house is too dark to see the sun nfl jerseys free shipping outside, I feel very envious. The two brothers said, “we can sweep the outside together.” Then, the two brothers with a broom and dustpan to sweep up the sun terrace. When they moved to the dustpan in the room when there is no sunlight. So again and three sweep many times, the house is not a little sunshine. Mom, who was in the kitchen, saw their strange behavior and asked, “what are you doing?” They answered, “the room is too dark. We have to sweep the sun in.” Mother said with a smile: “as long as the windows open, the sun will naturally come in, why sweep it?”

Tip 3: the closed door open, the success of failure of the sun can dispel the dark.

“A spider and three –

After the rain, a spider to the wall has been difficult to crawl the network, because the wall is wet, it climbed to a certain height, it will fall, it has been climbing up and down again and again…… The first person to see, he sighed and said to himself: “my life is not like this spider? Bustling about and no income.” So, he gradually depressed. Second people saw, he said: This spider really stupid, why not from the side of the dry place around the climb? I can’t be as stupid as it is. So he became smart. See the third person, he immediately spiders keep touching the spirit of war. So he became strong. Tip 4: there are people who can find the success of the strength of success.

“Save yourself”

A person in the shelter under the eaves, Guanyin is Chengsan see through. The man said: “Avalokiteshvara, Purdue beings, with me for a while?” Guanyin said: “I am in the rain, you are under the eaves, and under the eaves without rain, you do not need me.” The man immediately jumped out of the eaves, standing in the rain: “now I am in the rain, the degree of me, right?” Yin said: “you in the rain, I was in the rain, I will not be poured, because there are umbrella; you are the rain, because no umbrella. So I’m not my own, but the umbrella I. You want, do not look for me, please ask for the umbrella to go!” Then he left. On the second day, the man was in nike nfl jerseys top quality trouble, he went to the temple and asked for the goddess of mercy. Entering the temple, was found in front of the statue of a man in worship, that person looks no less and the goddess of mercy as like as two peas. The man asked, “are you a goddess of mercy?” The man replied, “I am the goddess of mercy.” The man asked, “why do you worship yourself?” Guanyin laughed: “I have encountered a difficult, but I know, qiurenburuqiuji.”

Tip 5: successful self-help.

^ ^ cute become so lost

An old man on the high-speed train, not just bought a new shoe from the window of a lost, people around feel sorry, but the old man immediately threw second shoes from the window down. The move is even more amazing. The old man explained: “this shoe no matter how expensive, for me it is no use, if anyone can pick up a pair of shoes, maybe he can wear it!”