Recently suddenly The so-called talent fascinated by zheng.but is the result of bengals football jerseys suddenly The first time to go to class, the teacher looked at me to play, a little surprised to say: “people first play the zither, fingers are very stiff, so how do you relax? Before there is the basis for it?”

I never touched the zither, if there is the basis of music related jerseys supply center, may be small when roughly two years to learn the keyboard, when the band played with the primary school a few years later occasionally just blow the flute, bamboo flute, but only as a hobby.

The teacher was even more surprised: “that you really have talent, do not learn it is a pity!” I smiled.

Just learn electronic piano, but no one has ever said that I have any “talent” ah! I was only 5 years old, I was standing in the middle of the big brothers and sisters, such as chicken standing cranes. I do not understand what the teacher said, the staff read slowly, hands are small and pitiful.

“Did you forget to cut your nails again this time?” “Did you go home?” Every time I saw the teacher coming, I was too nervous heart from the voice like a saccade, NiuNiuNieNie trial of prisoners. Later, I have to practice resentment. When grading is normal play, only to get a “barely” certificate. Look at the hands of the people of the Red Suede “excellent”, then at his dark red plastic sleeve “barely” card, tears fall. In the same class, how is the gap so big?

Do I have a gift for music? At least that time, I didn’t think I had a point.

But then, when studying flute, the teacher praised to have added, “you have a good understanding! Teach others how many times do not understand, say it with you, you will understand. Consider the College of music!”

When the bamboo flute, the teacher is also very surprised and said: “you can jerseys china factory listen to the tone pitch is great, write the score a pretty close, very talented!”

Learning a musical instrument is a need to have bengals elite jerseys a sense of music. The two years before barely electronic organ, although not learn anything what, but at least I gave the music a chance: infiltrating into the store to Strauss, Tchaikovsky and Bach, the new year always watch TV watching Vienna Golden Hall concert broadcast, at least to dance on the point, it can not sing out of tune…… But for those two years, my grasp of rhythm and intonation, presumably not what is the difference between it and other beginners.

This stuff is hidden, and the difference is easy to cover up. Even it itself may not exist, and sometimes, the so-called talent, nothing more than before the results of efforts to accumulate.

But, perhaps more than talent, hard Wholesale jerseys authentic commendable. Once read a story, a Chinese to a Nordic professor at home, see the little girl sweet and lovely, can not help but praise a, you really beautiful! Unexpectedly, this word of praise has angered the professor, and he told the Chinese seriously, you will not say she was beautiful! You can boast of her enthusiasm for people smile, praise her polite, praised her manner, these are her own acquired practice, and beautiful and she has nothing to do.

There are a lot of psychological experiments have proved that even randomly divided into two groups: one group of children, a task is the same, say “you really hard” of that group, than to boast “you’re smart” of that group, in the subsequent performance was more willing to challenge the arduous task, and no more in the face of difficulties halfway up.

Efforts will make people have a stronger sense of control, more confident and more firmly; and touted talent, sometimes it will make you dare to challenge higher goals of the “stumbling block”: if not, I will prove to be a talent shortage of people.

Know that there is not cheap jerseys onlin only one person asked: is the effort to be a talent? Some people answer: when I was young, I always felt that “hard” is not “talent” people do things; grow up to understand, the original “efforts” is the most precious “talent””. I want to give him a big favor.