Say the first The story of browns jerseys caterpillar, one day nike five caterpillars climb and climb over the mountains and rivers, and finally came to the apple tree. He didn’t know it was an apple tree, nor did he know it was full of red apples. When he saw his companions climb, not knowing why it is so will follow up. No purpose, no end, but I do not know why, why death. His final outcome?

Maybe find a big apple, after a lifetime of happiness; the leaves may also be lost, confused vagrant life. But what is certain is that most of the insects are so alive, do not worry about what is the meaning of life, but also a lot easier.

Second caterpillar

One day, the second caterpillar climbed under the apple tree. He knew that it was an apple tree, and that his “target” was to find a big apple. Problem is… He didn’t know where the Big Apple would be But he guesses: the Big Apple should be long branches in the bar! So he slowly climbed up, encountered branches, the choice of the thick branches continue to climb. Of course, there is also an examination system in the caterpillar society, if there are many insects at the same time to choose the same branch, but to hold an examination to determine who is eligible to pass the bough. Fortunately, this caterpillar go all the way, every time to first choice the best tree, finally he called from a “University” branch, find a big apple. But he found the big apple tree were not the largest, at most, can only be said to be a local maximum. Because of the above it will also have a more apples, known as “the jerseys at best discount boss”, is from another caterpillar crawling through a “business” of the branches to find. To his frustration, the entrepreneurial branch was a tiny twig that he had no time to climb

Third caterpillar

Then, the third Caterpillar also came under the tree. The caterpillar was quite rare, but at a young age, he developed a telescope. Before they began to climb, they used a telescope to search for a large apple. At the same time, he found that when looking up from the bottom of the road, will encounter a lot of branches, there are a variety of different methods of climbing; but if you look down from the road, but only one way to climb. He carefully from Apple’s position, from the top down to the current position, write down this path. So, he began to climb, when faced with a branch, he was not a bit nervous, because he knew that to the road do not have to follow a lot of insects to crush. For example, if his goal is a named “Professor” apple, it should climb “entrance” this way; if the target is “the boss”, it should climb “entrepreneurship” this branch; if the target is “politicians”, perhaps as early as the climb up “black road” of the road. Finally, this caterpillar should have a very good outcome, because he has been with the “Illuminati” conditions. But there may be some unexpected endings, because the caterpillar is crawling slowly, and it takes a while to arrive from the scheduled apple. When he arrived, Apple may have been other insects The early bird catches, may have been cooked and the rotten apple…

Fourth caterpillar

The fourth caterpillar is not only a common bug, also has the foresight ability. He not only know what to those apples, more prophets know the future how Apple will grow. So when he took the “Illuminati” looking ytterbium eyes, his goal is not a big apple,cheap price for nba jerseys but the apple flower bud in early puberty. He calculated his time, and estimate the time when he arrived, the flower is to grow into a mature big apple, and he will be the first into the insects gobble down. Indeed, he should have, and they live happily ever after.

Fifth caterpillar

The caterpillar’s story was supposed to end. Because the outcome of all stories must be positive and instructive. But there are still a lot of readers curious: Fifth caterpillars in the end how… In fact, what he didn’t do, lying under a tree on the cool, and a big apple will drop from the clouds at his side. Because a large branch of the tree has long been occupied by his family. His grandfather, father and brother are confined in a tree, he entered the forbidden insect. Then the apple is ripe, on the left for many children and grandchildren were seized under the food. We advise you, if you are not born with a golden spoon, but don’t check to the big apple, because it will be the death.