Li Facai is our The success california golden high school classmate bears football jerseys you disdain, but unlike those of us who graduated from college, he went out to work after graduating from high school.

When I graduated from college, I went to Guangzhou with some of my classmates, and Li Facai also worked in Guangzhou. When he heard that I came to Guangzhou, he came to see me with a colleague. In the chat that he graduated from high school in Guangzhou, has been working in a factory. I asked him how much he paid a month? He said there are more than and 800.

More than and 800? Now an ordinary workers have a salary of two thousand or three thousand yuan, Li Facai why more than and 800? At last his colleagues introduced gradually know that he has been in a Hongkong master’s apprentice, which is the most common mold etch, sandblasting, etching word processing technology, and has been studied for more than three years.

What I did not think of is to listen to his colleagues say, Lee made this master of Hongkong served very well, and even the chef of the Hongkong has been in the laundry Li Facai, they are just like cheap nfl jerseys online father and son. And the side of Li Facai is hey hey smiled and said: “people are not masters!”

Soon it was three years later, a chance to hear Li Facai and a few villagers opened a factory, I am very curious, so specially asked the address, time to see him. But when they the factory, I was disappointed, and even some despise them: three very shabby workshop, two studio, a room to sleep, and the two studio is tattered, there are some processed products, look like a garbage plant.

For such a factory, I was curious how they got into the business and asked how their orders came. Li Facai gave me simply said their operations, they a month at the start of the day to each mold factory, plastic factory to ask, come back at night processing at home, and later some fixed order does not need to run a business.

But I did not think that Li Facai never had any requirements for these customers, price, payment by the customer are said to calculate, and the delivery is on time, have never been in the order, if the delivery is tight overnight. What I did not expect is that there jerseys different nfl color are a lot of customers because of the small number of orders or other reasons, has not been paid on time, and some even dragged more than a year, but Li Facai has never been urged.

Lee came out from there, I shook his head, there would be no much money, coupled with such management, certainly not long enough to be able to go on. For a long time, I gradually forget to have such a classmate.

Five years later, I became the chief financial officer of a company. Once, with a classmate to chat, he also mentioned Li Facai, he said that now is the boss of a company of Li Facai. I was very curious, so I went to see lee. To the Li Facai factory, I was shocked: a house workshop, a plastic machine building is uniform, the two floor is a new vulcanizing machine, floor and the four floor is the line, the five floor is the warehouse, see Li rich factory benefit is very good.

And Li Facai chatted for a long time, I understand, the original is because he did not have any request to the customer, at the same time he dies on the master, introduced together with the customer, his orders are more and more, so the efficiency has been good. And he is the industry one of the nfl jerseys direct supply mold master, because he got the master of Hongkong city.

Watching has become a factory of the Lord Li Facai, I know I was wrong, I always thought that success is to rely on the workplace and calculating peers and the wits that popular success to learn about it, but I forgot, in fact, success is always the best shortcut: do things seriously a man.

Li Facai’s success is that we did not expect, even we disdain, but we will never reach.