A martial arts The true good quality master in a ceremony, kneeling in wholesale nfl jerseys black belt front of martial arts master, is preparing to accept not easily won the black belt, after years of rigorous training, the apprentice martial arts continuously improve, can finally in this Wu Xueli rise head and shoulders above others.

“Before you went to black belt, you must go through a test.” Master Wu said.

“I’m ready.” The disciple replied, the hearts that may be the last round of boxing examination.

“You have to answer the basic question: what is the true meaning of the black belt?”

“Is the end of my martial arts course,” answered without thinking: “apprentice is my hard training should be given incentives.”

Wu Xuezong division for a while, he is clearly not satisfied with prentice answer,jerseys at nfl best discount he said: “you have no time to get a black belt, a year later.”

A year later, the apprentice again kneeling in the martial arts master before.

What is the true meaning of the black belt?” The master asked.

“This is a symbol of Wu Xuezhong’s outstanding and highest achievement.” Prentice said.

The master martial after several minutes did not speak, he is clearly not satisfied, he said: “you have no time to get a black belt, a year later.”

A year later, the apprentice and kneeling in the martial arts master before.

What is the true meaning of the black belt?”

“The black belt represents the beginning, the beginning of the process of endless discipline, struggle and the pursuit of higher standards.”

“Well, you’re ready to take the black belt and start fighting.” Martial arts master replied happily.

This change in the competitive environment, enterprises set up that represents a new milepost, is a starting point, perhaps to maintain temporary advantage in professional technology enterprise was founded, but the business is not just about technology. It must have the team to work together, to have the potential to stimulate the dedication of the team, there must be a mechanism for management, more importantly, the leaders have to plan to learn to operate and manage. Every achievement of an enterprise is also a starting point, only to maintain individual and team learning, enterprises can jiyechangqing, healthy development.

To a wise man, every day is a new beginning.

Life is a river, it will never stay in a place, it will not stay at a certain stage, it needs to constantly go beyond. Transcendence is sublimation, is the mutation, is an indispensable stage of life. It is this beyond, makes human beings from the ancient civilization cheap authentic nfl jerseys to benighted prosperity today.

Transcending oneself is the demand of life. Nietzsche said: “life to your tree ladder — it for overlooking the distant place, longing for the most beloved beauty because it requires to!” “Life tries to rise, rise above itself.” The place where life longs for is the goal and ideal that each of us chooses. The process of transcending oneself is the process of creation. People living in the world, not only for ease of enjoyment. Lazy selfish people, will never be able to enjoy the real pleasure in life. Only efforts to create, hard work, and constantly go beyond, in order to occupy their own position in the fierce competition, so that the life of the collision sparks.

Those who see the art of life and science as the soul, never stop, the great teacher of special creation is beyond the life of the model. Copernicus said that the heart of Napoleon, Shakespeare, Balzac feat, masterpieces of Marx’s revolutionary theory…… They set up transcendstemporal natural monument, conquest and influence in the world for generations of people.

To go beyond the self means to keep on pursuing, to struggle tenaciously; to go on the road that no one has come before, to find a new starting point in the work you do.

There is a lonely young painter, in addition to the ideal, he has nothing. He decided to travel to the ideal. He went to a Kansas City newspaper for at first, good atmosphere there is what he needs, but the editor saw his works that the lack of new ideas and not to hire, he tasted the taste of failure.