Kell is an The unexpected cheap price illustrator who has worked for nba jerseys success for many well-known newspapers and magazines. Surprisingly, Kell’s main income is not from illustration work, but from the sale of an electronic drawing software. Through the sale of this one of his own research and development of electronic drawing software, Kell annual income of more than $100 thousand.

At the outset, when Kell developed this software, the purpose is just to draw their own illustrations on the computer, more convenient and quick. He did the illustrator working diligently, but because I did not expect a inadvertently developed software and obtain great wealth.

Many of Kell’s friends expressed his views on his success. They think: Kell is too lucky, illustration of his painting of income is very general, a readily developed software to let him send money, is simply the gander, God really care for him. Whenever I hear my friends’ comments, Kell always smiles and says nothing.

Until one time, Kell and one of the most intimate friends talked about, he confided. He said that many people only see me simply to earn dollars in life, in the world where there are so many willow shade.

Few people are aware of the fact that Kell in order to develop the software, studying jerseys supply nba center on development of the computer software technology, do not know from one software, became the independent development of the software technology Master “, Kell spent a year studying for. Also, Kell actually drawing software developed as early as 10 years ago, in the 10 years of Kell by using its own experience and friends of the feedback, to optimize the improvement of software continuously, before it reached such a degree of perfection today.

Kell has a near perfect software product, but also need to have a spark of commercial spark in mind. In recent years, there have been friends with illustrator, use this virtual software to Kell, and praising the software simple. Kell keen to capture the business opportunities in a timely manner to apply for technical patents, and software to the market, and ultimately successful.

Most of the time, people only see the appearance of other people’s success, but ignore those who pay for the success of sweat and effort. The world where there are so many unexpected things, determined to grow flowers to open, the so-called “gander”, is only the opportunity to come to a prepared person.

Once, he finished a poem, his happy thoughts in the room, jumping, singing. Happy, his little boy on that unfortunate lying in bed, sympathy, even, he also decided to use their own money to rescue the boy. However, when he was planning to give this to his mother, he found that the little boy lying on the bed was himself! At that moment, my mother shed tears, he also shed tears. He did not shed tears for his misfortune, but he cried for his own happiness. () because he is unfortunate, but fortunately. He found the eyes of youth with strong, found the joy and happiness!

His name was all nba style jerseys Christopher Nolan. At present, he has published “fantasy burst”, “the eyes of the clock” and other poems and novels. He works with a vision of the disabled to construct a lot of illusory and true artistic conception, about the desire of the disabled and the unique thinking of life. He and his work inspired and inspired thousands of people, moved and touched thousands of readers, netizens called “young Joyce”.

Strong is the eyes of youth. A person’s life will encounter setbacks and misfortune, but, as long as you have a strong heart, you will open the eyes of youth, see the light and hope.