3 Evan – (Evan Engram), University of Mississippi

Height 191 cm, weight of cheap jerseys 106 kg, 40 yards sprint for 4.65 seconds

Introduction: Eng Ram is the Mississippi offensive team leader, four year career has been the main force in the history of the proximal front rank, his 162 receptions, 2620 yards and 15 touchdowns are the first. As the front side of his short stature, belonging to the side of the ball type of proximal end, but it also means that he is more speed, in the passing of the attack is very threatening. With Washington’s main force Jordan – Reed as a pioneer, the prospects for the future of the United States is also very optimistic about the prospects for the future of the United States, as well as the prospects for the future of the United States is also very promising.
Since the body is not dominant, Eng Ram focused on his own catch technology. His anti ability inferior to mark Njoku, of course is excellent and very good at dealing with the regional defense, but also in the process of running the route to dodge the other defensive players to interference, and the transmission cheap jerseys china capacity is very strong against the defense is also very good. At the same time, Eng Ram’s sense of ball and a large number of codes are also good. Although he is not big enough, but the arm is long enough, and a good sense of balance, but is subject to physical constraints, in the fight for the jump in the vicinity of the advantage is not as good as other front. Of course, he can also run the longitudinal line of the ball, the threat of a long distance, can also be used in the operation of false action to open his opponent. Relatively speaking, Engelamu easily in the heap of people do not focus attention, and protect ability more to die, after all in the body is at a disadvantage.

Summary score:
Anti marking ability: excellent; ball: good; size: good occupation ability; quality: moderate; cover: poor ability
Draft forecast: No. thirty-fifth Jacksonville Jaguars
4 Adam – (Adam Shaheen), Ashland University (NCAA Division II, that is, the League of the third schools)
Height 199 cm, weight of 126 kg, 40 yards sprint for 4.85 seconds

Brief introduction: after graduating from high school after graduating from high school intends to play basketball, but later decided to play football, from University of Pittsburgh, Johnston transferred to the Ashland University. In the 2015 and 2016 seasons, he played a dominant performance in the level of third, a total of two years, a total of 127 times to catch up to 1670 yards up to 26. Although the origin of small schools, but Shahin’s personal ability, no doubt, in the current front is still very high in the front.

Different from the names of several prestigious schools in the past, Shahin did not particularly prominent in which skills, but in turn, in addition to the ability to cover, the other four are not weak for him. Although the location is near end, but as the team’s top catcher, Shahin had took over the position in all in formation, running routes and anti marking experience, have the ability to change direction, only when the individual service line in the vicinity of the residence time is too long. Shahin is also a wide range of the ball, hand skill, but the balance is to be improved. Shahin is also enough to run the longitudinal line, on the body so that he can win the advantage of remote one marker, but also by the size limit, he was running after the ball is relatively slow,nfl jerseys from china but the ability to dodge ground package is very high. In the occupation accomplishment, he was in three grade League Diego career has proved that he is more willing to stay in the field, also dare to catch in reactor. But the cover needs to be improved, although the tall, but it is not required to master the skill of the cover, may also relate to him in college a heavy burden.

Summary score:
Anti marking ability: good; ball: good; size: good occupation ability; good ability; quality: cover: medium

Draft forecast: the second round of the fifty-first Denver Mustang, or the second round of the Dallas cowboy sixtieth

Overall, this year’s tight end overall level than last year 1 people were selected in the first round, the second round only Hunter – Henry’s dilemma is much better, Howard and Njoku can be sure of being selected in the first round. Here to specifically mention Jack of the University of Michigan (Jack Butt) – Bart, his ability is enough to squeeze into today, but unfortunately, in his college career last battle torn cruciate ligament, in January before the surgery, which resulted in him unable to participate in the physical fitness test before the draft, it can only be routed back these few people, otherwise he may in Engelamu before was selected to go. In addition to these people, and Gerrard – Avi Leite (Gerald Everett, University of South Alabama) and bucky Hodges (Bucky Hodges, Virginia Polytechnic) is expected to be selected in the first round, then please pay attention.