A few years ago, standing in a school The world doesn’t owe the efforts of door, his every person bengals alternate jerseys nike girlfriend denounced PubMed: everyone is brother mistakenly think that this is the beginning of the dream, I want to tell you, here is the place of broken dreams. Positive brother said she was too pessimistic, his girlfriend is not realistic. So she turned to leave, and didn’t even say goodbye to him.

For a long time, the elder brother will wake up every day and sleep will hold her photos. The most difficult time, he had run into the snow, swallow a few cold snow, wrote in the snow: M ‘coming I, coming, coming…… Until the fingers were frozen with no sensation.

From then on, brother Anthony is cherish life, to weekdays all arranged, and then squeezed out some time to charge. Remember that summer we travel together to train, when the plane is in reading, brother; see the customer, he went to accompany a friend to play; the streets at night, he is still in jerseys different size the best cheap jerseys onlin of spirits to everyone terribly fatigued, the bookstore; back to the hotel, we all fell asleep, only his bedside lamp still lit, gnawing on the strings of all sorts of strange things. Italian, before this, he had learned to learn Japanese and french.

Finally, is the brother admitted to the prestigious Shuoboliandu, in celebration of the party, brother is still low-key, still on the former girlfriend of obsession, mistakenly thought she was hurt but also on the outside back. We had no interest in his feelings, but I think that a few years, the elder brother gradually became a charming man, just like “Superman””.

In recent years, he would get up at half past four every morning reading, to run the night, in the passage of time, suddenly from a fat more than and 200 jins thin to Yan burst table values, from a lattice between the glasses jumped to read Bo male.

Brother is already so unlike the original inferiority, he can bears white jerseys stand in a group of girls talking impressively; sad, to see the vast and remote system but imagine the Milky Way, is a grain of dust, the sorrow will instantly be confused with Ukraine; listen to quantum mechanics, every cell of the body contains power. You can listen to the mind of the command, did not make things, mostly because there is no continuous force…… In short, every piece of messy things, he can quickly straighten out, I have always felt that the rare “Superman”, stand in our future, rational thinking, emotional words, can anyone help, let the people around me.

So, he saw the superior intelligence is brother, miss the most is struggling in the snow time, after all, some night alone through the cold, a person can only know some.

Brother is often said, in fact, people and people are not equivalent to the time. For example, at half past four in the morning, Sahuan still dream of most people, Harvard University has long been lit. And the master dunk Kobe answers a reporter, at this time will wake up and go to play every day, do not cast into the one thousand ball, never end. This range of values will be with the passage of time, the distance between us pull farther and farther.

I think, probably is this kind of unequal value, push forward the elder brother push again, pushed to another we can not reach the height of it!

Have read an article said, the best rest not to sleep, but the exchange to do other things, in fact this is a true portrayal of the effort. If there is no spiritual support, there is no upward heart, how could it be so determined, so far?

We worship the “Superman”, a tribute to the legendary brother, if you look back at the past, it is not difficult to find that they were just a common person, a step by step to achieve their own achievements. It is those who do not have the equivalent of time, so that those who work hard, after many years looks clear, the world is bigger, broader vision, because the effort is the best talent. So, don’t care too much about the results, learning is the meaning of itself, in this process, you have the best gift.

I have been thinking, in addition to the time of the equivalent, there is no equivalent will make us become so different. I remember the return of training, everyone shouted liberation, such as the completion of a difficult exam, had been said to be too lucky, did not test the full complaint is too difficult. Brother is in the circle of friends with emotion: the course is over, learning has just begun, a period of time has passed, and life will continue to work hard……

These words are brother, let me suddenly think different people had become the starting quality: the key is whether you are of no great importance, the life people are trying to run, whether you are aware of and agree with the harder the more fortunate the truth.

Then, until it was brother company sent to the United States tour, we only see light suddenly to between himself and a man quietly to the gap. Originally, in addition to the time soundless and stirless away, take away some of the boring time, also can be a hard life of precipitation.

People hear a chorus of congratulations, brother is modest, good luck. Others might think he was just lucky jerseys Free Shipping to hit a golden egg, but we have to stay at his side, but we understand that the elder brother worked together to do all, just look effortless laughter, won the lucky.

Bid farewell to the airport, a male colleague said want to cry, not sad parting scene, but jerseys factory supply many years ago we had the same dream and goal, when we are unable to achieve it