Have a friend who is the world is good at singing, especially the bears nfl jerseys girls love recruit a friend; write a novel super powerful, a large group of fans readers; a friend read quickly, she read the book I may miss a lifetime; a friend is absolutelybeautiful, astepping-stone to success is very good to her students……Yes, a lot of people are born to be more powerful than us.

As we go into the colleagues of the company, I was the man of the earth, writing isn’t every rhythm, lively and vivid, led by said many times, “you write is the most serious, possibly the most depth, but also the most ugly”. It made me feel a sense of frustration at one time. But we have colleagues is very good at writing humorous funny words, words into her hand is like writing scripts, that style is very popular, leading readers love nature love.

So, you have to admit that the world is not fair, not even the so-called “fair” “.

Do you think you should get a promotion or a raise in your hard work? Not always。

Do you think you love a girl, she should love her as much as she loves you? Not always。

A person love cartoons, he could become a great cartoonist? Not always。

The world is not fair, so maybe you will try your whole life to catch up with some people. This is a normal thing. Especially if you try to work hard all your life than some people born with a golden key, he is born with the potential to have more value than you have ever made in your life. Is he going to take moral condemnation? Not。

Is that we should be very pessimistic, since the efforts have no cheap jerseys onlin results, then what is the effort to do it!

No, only you have accepted this is not fair, you can see who you are, where you are going.

Talent and ability are the initial values that God gives us. No way. Maybe you are not born to be full of blood, but you have to fight.

For example I think who is even worse than me, but Wholesale jerseys authentic his novel was soon using magazines soon began publishing. In turn, see them, I found that I actually wrote novels bad, want to express what you say, the lack of a mildly clever, lack of imagination, is out of control of the grasp of the language……

So other people’s language may be very simple, but the story of the setting is better than me, this is no way, that point is enough to set up more than ten thousand.

I have also experienced a very rough part of the creative process, is probably looking for their own.

I think there are a lot of people like me, feel at work is not always effective, what things, a lot of effort but have little effect, feel like Xiamang, doing the same thing every day, so consumption over a year. There may be a problem, that is, perhaps we only see their own efforts, but did not see the way we are not wrong, we strive for the goal is not suitable for us.

Some people are better than us, even better than us. We think they can do it, and we should be able to do it! I want to say: this really is not necessarily!

Each person’s ability, opportunity, and personal connections are different, destined to you no way and others.

Ancient Greek philosopher, said: “people can not step into the jerseys china factory same river at a time. He would like to say that the movement and change, this movement and change, can be like the butterfly effect, because a little bit of us and other people’s gap is put into the infinite. Others may be good at communication, others will be in so clever time points to the leadership said so in a word, they were led to believe he has a superior ability, you may be three years to five years of hard work have no chance.

Then recognize the gap between themselves and others, and then look at the efforts, it is necessary to.

There is no absolute fairness, but we can create their own relative fairness. Compare bears jerseys women yourself with yourself, find your own goals, find your way, find your way, and you can reach your furthest distance in your own ability.

Congenital advantages and disadvantages can only determine the location of our departure, once found their own goals, their own happiness, their own satisfaction, your harvest is not worse than others.

I know a girl, her income is not high, she does not have much to pursue and jerseys supply center ambition, for love, she will not, there is hope, every day is simple but happy. She never felt like others, a man, so simple life is also very good. So, when others envy the slow life, in a hurry so busy and then lamented losing a lot of things, missed a lot of good, and even the loss of health when the friend but simply do not want those problems, because she lived a life is someone else’s dream day.

She knows what she wants, so she won’t complain about her absolute value less than others, but the absolute sense of happiness is the same, even more than a lot of people to be happy. She did not feel that life is not fair to her, she always smiled and said, “when you are young, you have to live the life of the elderly”, she felt, so there is no bad ah!