So far not all varieties, one drink all over the Phoenix Dancong is not a person to drink all over the mountains from Phoenix Dancong, no one drink all the 49ers jerseys with captain patch tea master do tea. Do not think that all the people of Chaozhou are very proficient in Phoenix Dancong, on the contrary, most of the people of Chaozhou Phoenix Dancong cognitive level than the general Phoenix Dancong friends.

Mariana Trench in the depth of the water, Phoenix Dancong water is deep. Fenghuang Dancong is very addictive, even better than drugs but also addictive. For beginners more drink more Phoenix Dancong is confused when you more in-depth understanding of Phoenix Dancong, you will find you on the more the lack of knowledge of Phoenix dancong. Don’t believe that just drink Phoenix Dancong soon drink mountain rhyme and few people understand the Phoenix Dancong in a lifetime.

When you can put Phoenix Narcissus, Che door and thunder tea, drink eight unmistakable, you are the master of the master. See the dry tea to be able to know whether the authentic Dancong, look at the picture to know whether there is a mountain of rhyme, it is absolutely a lie don’t blindly pursue udong Lingtoudancong, noble birth does not necessarily represent a noble quality! A positioning of Phoenix Dancong is very important, otherwise it is easy to go astray from that very understand Phoenix Dancong beginners are often the jerseys with captain patch most easily by profiteers flicker, Fengcheng tea recommend beginners do not judge what love the taste of Lingtoudancong tea according to their taste.

Drink more contrast is to improve the Phoenix Dancong drinking water products the only way flat, chronic illness into a doctor. Phoenix Dancong “choice” is relatively easy, it is difficult to “fill in” too much. If you drink only a mountain tea, or drink tea farmers in Fengcheng Dancong tea so that it won’t be long before you will become an expert in the field or the Fengcheng farmers. The jerseys with captain patch exact field often only tea tea do you know. The society in the times, Phoenix Dancong is also in constant development. Lingtoudancong Black Tea can best embody the Confucianism, is the doctrine of the mean.

Green is like playing Tai Chi, static, static, dynamic and static combination. A global Phoenix Dancong tea do tend to reflect the human character, tea. It is hard to make tea, tea is happy. There are few Chaozhou tea will say their tea is very poor, although this may be true. To buy tea to exaggerate the jerseys with captain patch shortcomings, to exaggerate the advantages of tea. Buy tea to buy right, rub tea to rub good. Phoenix Dancong because of the complex and attractive, because of the complexity of Phoenix Dancong and bluff. With the passage of time, the narcissus is not bitter, and ray playing tea is not fragrant. The Phoenix Dancong charcoal is the first level, the level of green Phoenix Dancong is to be improved.

Garbage is not the best, but the need is entirely possible to the garbage. Roasted green technology is more difficult through the good tea master, the Phoenix Dancong to a higher level and even improve a grade is common. Very low price is not good to buy tea, but very high prices are not necessarily able to buy a good tea. The buyer needs to improve the level of drinking, the Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys¬†seller needs to strengthen the integrity of the building, is the important content of Phoenix Dancong market. When the experts, when the “home”, and even at the “brick” at home. Fenghuang Dancong is not the necessities of life, when most tea can not afford, it is still our living tea with tea, tea farmers in Fengcheng is not so hype.

Tea not to others, not to follow the crowd! The process of improving the level of the quality of the mountain rhyme is such a cycle: confused, sober, and confused again. A single momiyama rhyme is like mountain climbing, around the circle, returned to the same point of the plane, only higher end than the beginning. Experts also have the time to drink the wrong tea, just a little chance of making a mistake.