At about ten o’clock in the last few days, I was writing an article.There is bc lions vintage jerseys Mother suddenly received a message: “son, after work? The everyone’s dreams are all shower? Busy at this time? I haven’t worked overtime for a long time. It’s half past five every day. Do you have to do it? The rent is too expensive. You’re outside to protect your body. Have trouble old things on his past, do not put in the heart. Okay? Obedient!”

You are not wrong, this is not my pen, is really my mother sent a text, there are several hundred words typos. My mother’s cultural level is not high, as a child, because the family is poor, can not afford to learn, so even primary school did not graduate from the school.

My mother is not what good work units, but in Guangdong and the general public as thousands bc lions vintage jerseys on thousands of lines, doing some things. The university has one year summer vacation, I was in her factory in the half month class, then will not hold on. There, close to 40 degrees of high temperature, there is no air conditioning, and even the fans are separated by a good far before there is a. On the day of class, the body will be soaked in sweat and bc lions jerseys numbers dry and then soaked, back and forth several times.

When we go to work, we always look forward to a few more classes, put more leave. But my bc lions vintage jerseys parents, but always look forward to be able to add a little more classes, so that there is higher than usual to work overtime pay half of the work. Because they rent expensive outside, if there is no overtime, every month to remove the overhead is basically no money left.

From small to large, his family was not rich, but because of the efforts of parents, it is not bc lions vintage jerseys very poor, all I want, they will try to meet. Until the University, the cost of living will not be less than the number of children in the city. But they themselves, even if the purchase of a more than one hundred of the clothes, it will feel distressed; my father even if the smoke ten cigarettes a pack of cigarettes, will find it very expensive.

We always dream of comfortable life comfortable, always dream free and happy. We always dream bc lions vintage jerseys to give up in front of the struggling, yearning for poetry and distance. But our parents still is still struggling, we also have what qualifications to yearn for poetry and distance?

Someone asked me, what are you trying to do? Establish reputation as an authority? Or Jiacaiwanguan?

I don’t think what I don’t want to establish reputation as an authority, wealthy, I want bc lions vintage jerseys life insipid, but their health and longevity. I want one day to give them even buy a set of expensive clothes, I want my dad never smoking those a few dollars a pack of cigarettes, I want when they are sick do not have to refuse to go to the hospital, I don’t think they have in this age but also in the outside publicity received a reprimand and censure.

We face their own vision and dream, always talking, and forget the parents behind is a bc lions vintage jerseys kind of state in life. They own their way, but they all are only a starting point, that is, I hope we have a little better. However, how can we be so selfish, enjoy the stability of their given lives when they forget their gradually old face.

University, there is a classmate, every month will be a month to go home. When we were young and naive, always laugh at him, saying he was such a big boy, always like a child, always rely on their parents. For our evaluation, he never argue, just sit quietly, not to utter a single word.

Until later, we did not know that he was in the high school before the high school, is bc lions vintage jerseys a boarding school. When the college entrance examination, the mother called him, said he was not to go home for two months, the living expenses will be on time to play on his card, the school to review carefully, do not delay the entrance.

At that time he did not think, thinking that the mother is afraid of him to go home when bc lions vintage jerseys he forgot to learn, afraid he will not go to a good university in the future. So they listened to the words of the mother, until the end of the college entrance examination to return home.

Originally because the test was also good, very happy mood. But when he returned home, only to find that his father had been lying on the bed for nearly three months. On the day when his mother called him, his father was very serious when he was driving a car accident. Family afraid of his fear, delayed the study, so he has been telling him, until the end of his college entrance examination.

At that moment, he suddenly a bit scared, for fear of their own in the unconscious, parents bc lions vintage jerseys just quietly left himself, and then there will never be a goodbye day.

He said that since we went to high school, and parents together, the day will be gradually bc lions vintage jerseys reduced, after the university is even more rare. The future work after a year to meet the time at most ten days. Such a calculation, this life, and their own most close relatives and the rest of the time is so short. If you do not take advantage of the time now, to get along with them, the future will be less and less. This is the reason why he will go home every month.