The first contact Those dreams flourishes with the marketing, it is the person with bengals jerseys china still not long after I retired in the years, and even the country did not declare a pyramid scheme is illegal!Was a barely with my friends to see me for a month to work and earn the money to buy vinegar really poor, smoke box have to weigh the price, will pull me to a hotel to listen to a lecture can let people make money, make people successful.

So they went……

Now want to come, then the marketing approach is really rough. It is a title like Dr. hung Moumou success on stage, with a speech mode to incite the jerseys from china atmosphere, let a person feel that they are really from the heart is the life of embarrassment, hopeless, and participate in marketing is the best way to Yibudengtian, overnight!

Waiting in the hall participants in the hearts of some ready to when the bengals home jerseys color venue lights will dim down, until completely extinguished. In the moderator’s request, everyone should hold the hands of the people around, in the quiet of the music, the moderator slowly and slowly began to read.

The reading is a narrative prose, I still remember……


All right……

The dark environment, coupled with the music as if weeping and complaining, the host read quite a bit……

When the light suddenly lit up, I saw ninety percent of the people around me, his face is a fanatical expression, his face is a trace of tears!

There are full of madness roar of the venue!

– I want to make money!

– I’m going to make a big fortune!

– I’m going to be president!

I looked at me to a friend, is a face of madness in appearance, hoarse roar……

So I started to shout!

— I’m going to pee, I’m holding my breath……

On the way back, I told to take me to a friend, through brainwashing and psychological hint some means, let people in the heat of the state can become the base of Pyramid scam, this is cheating, but acquaintances cheated acquaintances!

In the end, that a few people at the top of the Pyramid could earn pours, those people in Pyramid base, also can become a pile of bones after being drained of flesh and blood!

But my friend can’t hear me……

After a short period of one month, someone told me that a friend had rushed to jerseys direct supply resign, then a head in his dream of getting rich!

Two years later, the country began to declare illegal pyramid schemes, began to vigorously fight against pyramid schemes!

I haven’t seen the friend again. He was told that he had gone to a certain place in Guangxi and continued his dream of making a fortune.

I think…… His dream, may not wake up?

After the experience of marketing, is a hot afternoon a few years ago. A man called a phone, opening a sentence: “you can not play? You have a few can play around?”

I was one leng……

This guy has always been a good respect justice and abide by the laws, weekdays also did not tell people what the conflict, how suddenly came such a call?

This is what to do bad things again?

Didn’t I ask, that man has tongtongkuaikuai the subject said that.

His family a cousin, the university has just graduated from the students to be called to go to a certain place in Guangxi tourism, this one is ten days. During a call to the house, only say is to find a rich entrepreneurial opportunity somewhere in Guangxi, what is called project 1040, hurried home hurriedly give money in the past.

The family immediately knew the child was pyramid to the pit, left on the phone right around the wound broke off for a long time, but the child is the iron heart, just kept yelling called home money in the past, the old words also filed a child relationship with cousin excellent, always go a place somewhere, somewhere to play and so on……

Then, is a strange phone number, in the early hours of messages sent to, come and save me, I was in Guangxi, lived on the third floor, near a post office, a bank, two windows can see the food market and the telecom business brand!

Have had a Tucao here, then a place in Guangxi, the local government is very much to indulge in the act of marketing. After all, scurrying streets of the marketing personnel, to bring economic income is high.

Everyone with money no enemies, even if that money came did not work in just ways, isn’t it?

So the police or to find the local industry and commerce, the effect is very so so……

Being forced to be helpless, the man can only find me.

The process of specific things, I will not go into detail here. Anyway, got two cars, a few of the retired jerseys factory supply army fight boasted hefty Han smoke rolling way to kill Ben in Guangxi, and after comparing the topography slightly projections, will find the specific location of the guy’s cousin was under house arrest.

Then, is forced into the dead hours of the night when, after took the guy’s cousin ran after the car all the way to Hunan just slowed down the speed, in a rest stop stop.

The elder brother’s cousin has been shaking, and all the way to look at the car parked in the car. It was not until we were forced to give him two bottles of water at the rest stop, and then he began to cry!