M in a semester you a Those who do not try the one paragraph summary at the end of the get bears orange jerseys 2016 conference has been impressed me.”I suddenly found that I actually quite severe, just less courage to try. Before the speech contest, and PPT show, I have no confidence to do it, then I found some things when you really set out to do, all also have no imagination of so difficult. Most of the time, the reason we do fear hands and feet, because we are more time to think, not one thousand. But, don’t try how can anyone know? One thousand can do it. The original can someone can sing the song I also can learn, speech contest and I get a good ranking, although I can still dance stiff appearance at the welcome party. In fact, we are all good, just, sometimes lack the courage to prove himself.”

Suddenly thought of bacon once said, “there are many successful people do things in the world, is not necessarily because he than you can do, but simply because he dared to do than you.”
Brave to try, you will find a lot of things others can do, in fact you can also, why not give yourself a chance?

Brave to try, might have found a new opportunity.
A never try, don’t give yourself chance, how could you get chance?

Looking for a job, interview, always a hot topic, college students is still the most headaches.
Every year there are numerous lectures and a myriad of career guidance curriculum.
Z senior was invited to Wholesale jerseys authentic give the school junior drove to do job experience sharing.
Z senior year graduation, and a myriad of serving for army, a day on a variety of campus recruitment, delivering the innumerable resumes and in various sites for employment.
With the approaching of the graduation, everyone is anxious jerseys different size like ants on a hot pan.
Z senior network threw a world top 500 enterprises in Beijing, said he was surrounded by doing busywork, he smiled, give it a try.
Actually, Z senior said, then he himself also lack, doesn’t even have ten percent confidence.
Later, Z senior received a written notice, everyone said that he is dumb luck.
Later, at the beginning, the complex surface, round round of screening, Z senior bears nike throwback jerseys go all the way to the end surface, end surface to headquarters to Beijing.
Everyone around him that he had gone over, don’t really expect to win this job.
Z senior or smiled, not try it, I will come back again.

Throughout the time, only six of them, at the time of waiting for the interviewer, everybody together to chat, someone asked him what colleges and universities, Z senior said that deep.
The man said, “I’m bill money! We are alumni!”
Z senior slightly paused, said: “I am of tianjin university of finance and economics.”
At this time, next to a few people stopped to discuss, whisper whisper.
“Tianjin finance and economics? Far from big nankai?”
“The school not 211 or 211?”
“Can go to the end, think we are Peking University, National People’s Congress.”

Z senior, said he heard those words, the in the mind very not the taste, but he was also aware that the interview in such a large business, he really isn’t much of a chance.
But he still want to try it.
As a result, he accepted with a man of zhejiang university.
The people around all jumped off his chin, Z senior said he can feel like a dream.
Just graduated and he took 8000 well-paid, in such a world top 500 enterprises.
Senior said that at that time, the monthly salary is 8000 yuan, he can’t even think about, he is really lucky I didn’t give up trying, or you missed the chance, of course there is his strength.

Numerous attempts is not necessarily can harvest success, give jerseys direct supply up trying, it means never give up success.
Sometimes, don’t try, you don’t know how strong he is.

George Bernard shaw once said, “a trial and error of more glory than an idle life, life and more meaningful.”
Even immature attempt is better than a stillborn strategy.

If there is a door to success, we can’t always wander outside the door, and to try to open it.
A bold attempt, is to give yourself a chance of success.
We are always afraid of failure, failure is bad, but worse never try.
Don’t try, how do you know you can’t.