Within eight hours Three cardinals blue jerseys of work, we stories of the eight theories decided the social role, occupation status, and life beyond eight hours, but whether we can see the beauty of life, how to choose the way of life and become a kind of person. DJ hi hi

There is a famous “three eight” theory of people can be divided into eight hours a day to work, sleep for eight hours, free arrangement of eight hours. Eight hours to decide now, eight hours to nfl jerseys different color decide the future. The difference between people and people is how to use eight hours away. Unfortunately, with the fierce competition in the modern workplace, to be able to arrange the time becomes less and less, more and more valuable.

Some people work and leisure are clearly divided, spare time activities and work is completely unrelated to hobbies, such as many white-collar workers during the day sitting in the office, leisure tourism, mountaineering, K; some people leisure activities is also a good hobby, but also added a work, such as Vanke chairman Wang Shi. On Mount Everest is his personal achievements, but at the same time of Vanke’s brand awareness also plays a promotional role; others work just is his hobby, and on the line of work on fuzzy, energy and time all have contributed jerseys different nfl size to the work, such as some scholars also do research and application; have a hobby to later became another direction, his occupation such as Han Han, racer, racing in the hands of the writer writer. Inspirational TV series

In fact, choose what kind of way to spend their spare time life, there is no good or bad. Work as a hobby, is likely to win the great success of professional, but in the face of tough, because too much sustenance ideal, will be more and more people are frustrated. Drinking tea, playing cards and other leisure activities, KTV, as long as it is not excessive, can also be a method to promote interpersonal communication, to better integrate into society or team. It’s hard to say which is more noble, if you can take a beautiful picture and know all the delicious restaurants in a city. Sad English sentences

Different hobbies will just days and months nfl jerseys Free Shipping multiplying, changing your life, as long as the result of choice in line with their expectations for life, it is good.

Taiwan famous writer Hou Wenyong’s theory, perhaps more easily understood by modern workers. He suggested that everyone wants to set up a research and development department, the Department of a large company like R & D department, you may now invest the time, money and energy, can not immediately see the benefits, but in the continuous accumulation, maybe one day, will let you surprise new products being developed come out, and give you the company to bring new profit growth point.