A man, addicted to meat, meal meal without meat is not happy. We To eat bitter should get eat together, a market he Braised pork in brown sauce is put out, is authentic steelers jerseys from china not enough, to do ah ah of liver stomach. The results just forty years old, his body was hurt, blood pressure and blood glucose are ridiculously high, half a year ago, mild cerebral infarction, spent two weeks in hospital, the doctor is under an ultimatum: not allowed to eat meat, two hours of exercise every day, but also to eat life-long anticoagulation.

You have not the blessing of the enjoyment, you have to eat the bitter authentic saints jerseys

Now he’s almost alive with a small cucumber dip. His wife will not let him touch authentic steelers jerseys from china even more and more, also supervise him every day running, not running for two hours not to go home.

We met the day before yesterday, this guy is still quite a large belly, but don’t look good, yellow face muscle fat.

Bitter ah, he said, more bitter than ascetic, I see who are angry now,authentic steelers jerseys from china what you can eat meat, can’t I?

His wife said: who let you out of the past, you enjoy the enjoyment of the authentic steelers jerseys from china blessing, you have to eat not to eat the bitter.

That’s true.

A person’s health is few, you have an overdraft, then live up.

Other things too.

There was a reader to give me a message, said she fell in love with a very attractive married men, like three years, and he finally together, but also had to half a year, the man ignored her.

She can not be reconciled, kept asking the reason, he chased her anymore, she refused to answer the phone, and pulled her black.

Once she finally got through his phone, and the first thing he said was, “how do you know that you are not aware of it!”

She said, now in the heart of the pain died. Every day will think of the good old days, two people so sweet to eat, travel, said quietly, wearing a couple loaded…… Finally he was so unfeeling, ignoring her feelings and. She felt that she would be tortured to death, simply can not love.

I said you have a good experience of this torture, so as to avoid making such a authentic steelers jerseys from china mistake again.

Today’s torture, that is, to pay for yesterday’s self.

You should have known, the married man’s love is not you can enjoy. He had charm, also at a distance, you know that is the fire must jump, so even if you are not qualified to burn injured all over the body is sore.

Or the sentence: you enjoy the happiness of the not, you have to eat not to eat the bitter.

The pursuit of happiness as unalterable principles. But we have to admit: some happiness, not everyone with the. If you take a claim, may also be able to get, but I am afraid you have to be a bit of happiness, to withstand ten times the pain.

Every wayward “I don’t care, I’ll follow,” may be unbearable “I very bitter, I deserve it”.

So, people can not know what to do, but must know what they should not do. To understand the desire to converge, to maintain the necessary rational moment.

No matter how much you want to eat meat, if you know that the body has been overdraft, it authentic steelers jerseys from china is suitable to stop it. Otherwise long, the rest of your life to a vegetarian medicine, how hard.

No matter how love a man, if you know this feeling on the teeth and turned it cheap nike jerseys fraught with grim possibilities. Or to torture, finally Biequ cried again miserably, hardly wished to live., who share for you?

No matter how much you like the new luxury bags, if you know that the bank card is not enough money, it is authentic steelers jerseys from china still. Otherwise chikangyancai also save money, why.

No matter how much you want to play the game, if you know that the work must be completed, it is closed the game. Otherwise, missed the business annoyed the boss, regardless of repair relationship or a new job, it is not easy.

In fact, most of the time, we are very clear that they should not do anything.

Just desire rises, the heart is a magic, can not help but desperate to meet their own needs.

“Fling caution to the winds” is a stupid word.

Under no circumstances should anyone be desperate. If you do one thing, think about the word, then authentic steelers jerseys from china you should order their first stop, weigh the consequences of action again.

And the so-called “can not help but”, in fact, I do not believe. In addition to physiological needs, people may not really be unable to bear, the key to see you have to pay the price of their own clear judgment.

If you know this dish of meat to eat, life soon, you can not hold back.

If you play the game today, tomorrow will be fired, you can not play.

If you know how to love the man today, tomorrow you will be able to live life, put down the obsession.

All “can not help” to make the mistake, because the price is not clear, or you are interested in authentic steelers jerseys from china avoiding. So you indulge yourself to be driven by desire, to get a moment to meet. But its result is destined to have to bear the consequences. The bitter fruit, is not your choice, to endure, could not help but have to endure.

So, too much of your happiness, you do not go to the consumer. Otherwise excessive overdraft, too authentic steelers jerseys from china difficult to repay.

Or, you ate all the hardships, enough capital to be happy.

Love or dignity, freedom or, you deserve the happiness, will really belong to you.