I believe that many people To know the struggle broncos jerseys should women are you so big be in a state like me, grew up with no friends wedding 7000W giants squandered what Kuoshao, that also rare meal coat is not warm without parents working ability from their traumatized people. But even if the plane to these two extremes, the level of differentiation is still relatively bright.

I was brought up by niangqin, three character classic three hundred Tang poems and song Yin Three Hundred Surnames until the Chinese and foreign masterpiece, without reading. Plus the college entrance exam is hot for several years, I read the primary school junior high school in the past few years, a poor family, no money to study, many sisters, hard Hanchuang, eventually admitted to the famous brand has made a major breakthrough in scientific research or the story be too numerous to enumerate. So I have a subconscious belief that all the poor and Zhijian, have made a lot of results; see that everywhere Hyun rich guy, hate not to slap two hands.

This subconscious once in a very long period of time deeply affected my friend’s decision, after the college entrance examination, the University, many people have seen the ups and downs, many people have seen the history or history of degeneration, I suddenly found that a deviation, even harder, often do not open the eyes. Chance encounter seems not so good; family preferences, often is not so cynical without effort, and the opportunities and Prospect of unlimited spring. I was disappointed at the result.

Some time ago to have a few friends to play with NJ, a few people go boating. One age slightly jerseys different color larger, just call him X, along the way a boat suddenly heave great sighs, sentimental. It’s said that he broke up with his first love. Because the relationship is good, and the remaining three of us began to X crazy black. X to say sad things, let us all happy.

X began pulling love history, two personal happiness memories for half an hour, such as Yangtze River bridge in the morning to see the sunrise, the evening to go to the outskirts of stealing farmers uncle pachyrhizus, joy and warmth showing in his eyes I can see him to the girl with affection not shallow. Why did you break up? X denies us about cheating, mistress, personality, family from all assumptions, told us he broke up, because he felt that he was poor, no girl.

He began heavy-hearted analysis of their family background, parents said older, I have a brother, brothers good, brother is a chef, my college money is a lot of big brother to the computer, mobile phone is like brother bought. X felt that he should return to work, return brother, if you take the money to parents and brothers love is really Heaven and earth will not tolerate.

On the other hand, he felt that he could not give the girl a car, not to the girl’s room, can not take a girl to ride a sports car jerseys different size to a luxury restaurant, girls can not travel around the world by boat. He suddenly put aside just saw our smile, looked at the water.

“Did the girl ask you for the luxury?”

“No, but society is so, nobody likes it.”

“But she doesn’t want it now, you can wait until after graduation to work hard.”

“I was late to school, and reopened a year was admitted to the university now, so I graduated, to twenty-four, and I intend to pursue, so after graduation I have almost thirty. What time can I give her a house and a car?”

X is a nice guy, a nice guy. Kindness, humor, trust and support. I have seen many boys like X, they are obedient, honest, considerate. Because if they’re worried that too, can not give parents a good life and in return, they always worry about is to let the beloved woman bear the poverty, they always worry about in this complicated society, they have no background, will eventually be engulfed by mediocre hardship.

Like Chen Xiaozheng, they finally decided to get rid of, although they also have ten percent place but also ninety percent lofty ideals and high aspirations, where exist on the infinite concerns yourself good life. Their power in the ten percent to go on struggling, but encountered difficulties and slightly negative, but that was ninety percent of the fear flooded. The best example of this is the “3idiots” inside the male Lord, born poor, still sincerely treat friends, the pursuit of their favorite career, I believe that love, this is the right choice of life.

In this world, many times there is no big mistake on major issues issues of right and wrong. Often see girls don’t marry the poor Tucao not good days post, often see the cheap jerseys online grass root Tucao woman too snobbish post, then often see girls jump out at such a post is not a society…… Everyone has their own ideas, each idea has a group of supporters. And I want to say is that society is not so tolerant, but it is not so cruel.

For those who are obviously its very good boys, to relax their mind, happy easily to good, the mentality is really important, the others would have, don’t worry about personal gains and losses,