Trump’s official website sells a red jersey and gives a real counterattack to the “kneeling National Anthem” incident.

U.S. President Trump has launched a new battle against the act of kneeling the national anthem: selling the red No. 45 Jerseys stamped “Stand Up For America”. Nike’s announcement that it would use Colin Capernick as a spokesman for its new ad has sparked a huge controversy, and the dissback-inspired Jersey was officially launched on Sept. 7 on the official website of Trump’s re-election campaign.

A review of “kneeling National Anthem”:

In the 2016 preseason, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Capernick did not stand up like everyone else while playing the national anthem, but sat on the bench. This scene was captured by the camera, causing public opinion storm. Nate Boyer, a retired Army green beret and former NFL player jerseys, contacted Capernick after the game, and after learning that Capernick’s original intention was to protest racial inequality and judicial injustice, Boyer suggested kneeling during the National Anthem because “kneeling is more respectful than sitting”.

Boyer has his own version of why kneeling is recommended: “As far as I know, kneeling has never been regarded as an act of disrespect in our history: you kneel when you are knighted, you kneel when you propose, and you kneel before a comrade-in-arms grave to show respect. So what I want to say is that kneeling down and standing up can express enough respect. Of course, this is just my personal view. ”

Capet Nick jerseys clearly agreed with the proposal and protested in one knee to the next match. The action quickly fermented, and teammates and other league teams joined the “kneeling national anthem” to express support for Capernick and protest against racial inequality and judicial injustice.

U.S. President Trump openly denounced their actions as unpatriotic and insulting to the flag and national anthem. “If a player doesn’t show due respect for the flag and the national anthem, he or she shouldn’t make millions of dollars in the NFL or any other league,” Trump said on Twitter.

Trump’s constant condemnation of the “kneeling national anthem” on Twitter and at rallies also brought him cheers. The players responded that the protests had nothing to do with patriotism, just protests against racial inequality and judicial injustice, and no one had any unpatriotic ideas.

NFL President Roger Goodall announced a new league rule in May 2018: either stand or stay in the locker room; for players who break the rules, the League will punish their team. Up to now, there hasn’t been any controversy over the “national knelt” on the 2018-19 season.

Trump’s new business:

The Jersey is red, a common color used by Republican parties and groups, meaning “make America better”. On the front is No. 45 (Trump is the 45th president of the United States), with the small letter “Stand Up For America” printed on the top and Trump’s name on the back with the American flag on the left sleeve. This eye Jersey sells for $99 and is a genuine “made in the US”.

Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, and his senior adviser, said: “The original intention of this nfl jerseys is President Trump’s love of the American flag, the national anthem, and the United States. We believe that the American people will support and respect our flag, the national anthem and the country from beginning to end.”

Stand Up For America not only attacked the “kneeling national anthem” behavior, but also constituted a rising national and national level of cohesion, appeal, as one of the slogans for re-election, won the support of many people, and Trump himself earned a full pot of gold, a stone three birds can not be said to be shrewd Ah!