The death of University olives and the dismissal of several senior school leaders sparked a heated debate in the US.

On November 3, 2018, the NCAAF game went on for the tenth week. The University of Maryland Turtles lost 3:24 at home to the Michigan State University Spartans. Maybe the two teams are very different in terms of strength, but this defeat is not the most difficult thing the University of Maryland has experienced this week. On May 29, Jordan McNair, an attacking front member of the University of Maryland football team, suffered heatstroke after training and was rushed to hospital for two weeks before he died. DJ Dekin, then head coach of the Turtles, was suspended on August 11, and the University of Maryland conducted a months-long investigation. Until October 30, the board of directors of the University of Maryland announced the reinstatement of the head coach, Officer DJ-Dekin, to continue to serve as head coach. However, the decision caused a stir in public opinion. Within two days, the head coach, the principal and the chairman of the school board were dismissed one after another, announcing that they would retire and resign immediately. Why the accidental death of a football player can cause such serious consequences, we have to clarify the relationship between the parties.

Maryland Terrapins: University of Maryland turtle belongs to the ten major league. DJ- de Kim was appointed cheap jerseys coach in October 2, 2015, with a contract of $12 million 500 thousand for 5 years.

(Jordan McNair): The former University of Maryland Turtles attacking volleyball team, once listed as a four-star player, ranks in the top 25 of the American high school offensive front players. On May 29, 2018, after running 100 meters in training, he developed heatstroke symptoms. His temperature reached 41 degrees. He was taken to hospital 90 minutes wholesale nfl football jerseys later and transferred to intensive care unit. Died two weeks later in June 13th.

Despite months of research, it’s only since the day when the University of Maryland announced that coach DJ Dekin would continue to be head coach. In just three days, how this blockbuster news caused a big stir in the University of Maryland, and even in the whole American sports community.

On October 30, the board of directors of Maryland State University recommended that coach DJ Dekin be suspended and that he continue to be head coach of the Turtles. James Brady, the chairman of the board, was impressed by DJ Dekin’s statement on suspension two days ago and suggested that he remain in office. According to reliable information, the board of directors has threatened the president of the University of Maryland, Park, Landau Kui. If he does not reinstate the head coach, Officer DJ-Dekin,jerseys china the board will dismiss the president. Then the coach DJ-Dekin continued to serve as head coach. It was reported that this was not the wish of the principal, Ludao Kui. On the same day, Ludao announced that he would retire in June 2019 after the end of this academic year, and that the handover work would be handled in the remaining months. The news aroused a strong response from all walks of life. The student government of the University of Maryland, Park, immediately announced that a demonstration would take place on November 1.

In just three days, the University of Maryland Tortoise Team was in a dilemma at home and abroad, cheap football jerseys which had a negative impact on the University of Maryland at Parker. Whether it’s a student athlete or an ordinary student, it’s the headline news in American sports this week. No one would have thought that heatstroke would kill a person, especially a rugby player who is much stronger than the average person. His death may be just an accident, and no one will be directly responsible for his death. But the University of Maryland at Parker still has an inescapable responsibility for Jordan McNair’s death. After all, he died in hospital only after he entered the school and participated in training. It would be unreasonable to say that only to compensate Jordan McNair’s family, while the school continued its original schedule as if nothing had happened.