“Bamboo Grove” one Walk the wholesale nba jerseys of Wang Rong was free shipping other way advised others don’t pick roadside plum. The roadside plum knot and good fruit, but not being picked, the fruit is bitter. His inference is correct. This is when I heard the story, now old, not the meaning of words, but the thought of the plum tree under way, certainly a lot of people walk, certainly are disappointed that plum is bitter. So if you want to pick sweet plums, you have to find another way.

And people’s thinking is also a road, which is often the way to go is what we call the traditional thinking or mindset. Go along it, you will not find it often makes people find everything fresh and new scenery, eye-opening whimsy; go along it, the mood often cannot bloom the flower of life often surprise, nor what waves; go along it, often go out on the road to success, glorious road…… Therefore, in this sense, the poet’s words are correct: “there is no place to know.” Therefore, only another way, innovative thinking, in order to find the answer you dream.

A Zen master, he wrote to the disciples studying the two words: “rain, rain of two people, but not with one day.” The disciples got the subject to talk. The first one said: “two people can walk in the rain,jerseys factory nba supply one does not get wet, it is because he is wearing a raincoat.” The second said: “it is a local showers, sometimes even horseback are the side of rain, the other side is dry, two people walk in the rain, there is a person without rain, what else is new.” The third disciple proudly said: “you are wrong, it is a continuous drizzle, how can it be said that local showers, there must be a person walking under the eaves.” In this way, everyone you a sentence, I said, as if all right, no end. Finally, the time has come to see the master, as we opened a mystery: “do you think” not with others “is a person without rain, in fact, another way, the so-called” no one, not all “is the two people in the rain?”

In life, people often make similar mistakes in the process of solving the problems in the analysis, love, in a way to go straight, do not know how to turn and adjust the direction, the results are often different. Therefore, only out of the old way, breaking their own thinking, multi angle to think about the problem, in order to get the answer, or even unexpected miracle.

In this world, who want to live more happy, warm, who want to make the dream as soon as possible, who want to make life full of more value, meaning. If none of this is achieved, it is fantasy. How to let the light of all or part of it fell into reality, it must make constant innovation thinking. The way of thinking is a road, then the creative thinking is to take you not to walk the road.

All the way, always need some strength to walk, but the way to take this innovative thinking, not only the strength, but also the need for talent. In the “Chuang-tzu” in the record of such a story – Hui son at home there is a big melon, but he was too jerseys different nba size big to worry about, because I do not know what to do with it. Chuang-tzu criticized Keiko, it dried the hollowed out as a simple boat, you can easily travel, you should not worry about it, it is still a “master Peng of the heart”. Thus, the road of innovation is not who wants to go, there are conditions: must bring talent, knowledge, wisdom and even opportunities. If Apple had not fallen on Newton’s head, he might not have found the law of gravity……

Others do not go through the road, we must pay more than others. However, after all, will open up a new realm.

Today, this dilemma has already past, really eat a lot of pain, was sure that he has learned a lot of life, began to enter a new cycle, but the one or two years in some new situation, found that once faced difficulties, they still have no common heart, still is — “anger and slack”. This anger and slack, and other abilities, improve the situation has nothing to do, he is there waiting for me, because I did not go to overcome it. Interestingly, as I thought of the most simple adolescent dilemma solution is the same, with face the dilemma now, I think there is no way to grow the switch. “” move. “” for the city. “. Although I am not a fan of these things today, it must be admitted that they are quite attractive to me, and at least it seems really difficult to be much smaller. In a sense, because of your other abilities Wholesale nba jerseys authentic, so if you want to avoid the difficulties, to do a new thing, it is possible to start doing not bad, because your ability to put there. This may make you more determined to give up and avoid the difficulties of the original, until the new difficulties and put you into a corner. This time and time again and again, I finally realized that to overcome the fear of failure is the biggest difficulty, but the rest is slag.

In fact, think about it, the worse the situation, the likelihood of getting better after a little better, for example, if the bad to zero, can’t be worse, even if it is a point of progress.