Had seen a story, said the thriller master Hitchcock. In his childhood, he Want to give was a naughty boy, he was always bound to his father, and his father was going to work, not to bring him. One day, his father was bound to a crash, and gave him a letter, so he took the authentic eagles jerseys wholesale letter to the local police chief. Without demur, police chief read the letter, put Hitchcock in a dark room, after an hour to put him out. The one hour for his father and mother Hitchcock became an indelible memory, even affected his personality and life. Later he became a master of suspense film, and this is not unrelated. At age 80, he said, he would like to receive a gift is a beautifully packaged thriller. Maybe, when his father’s letter was in this sense. The letter says: “Sir, please shut up the little boy for an hour.”.

This may be difficult to father as a child with a practical joke, the nature of punishment is to scare the practical joke, he, let him be good. However, the consequences will be how, who can not control. The children come back unscathed, but the back is no longer before the child, because he has experienced the darkest hour in life. If Hitchcock later became a master, is a comedy of the results, then, the majority of people in the end is heavy tragedy. I always remember one day a few years ago, I gave my magazine opened a hotline on duty. A female reader calls, speaks of the strong fear of death. I was somewhat puzzled, she was only more than and 20 years old, young and healthy, why worry about one accident? She told me she had several accidents, every time almost died out: swimming drowning, traffic accident, serious illness.

There were a few things that happened in the back, and she remembered the first time in memory and the face of death, the real reason for fear. At that time, she was five or six years old, accidentally broke the radio at home. My father is very angry, the radio was a very valuable property in the ordinary family, according to her father, is a family silver in return. In order to punish her father, she will put down, ready to take her to the outside of the pit throwing. “Watch you take things when you do not care!” My father shouted while she went to the pit. It was winter, she was wearing a strap trousers, father carrying her back strap. Originally just scare her, but she struggled in a panic, suddenly a strap buttons off, her body half slipped out, seeing to fell into the pit. The father hurriedly held her in the other hand, and brought her up. At this time, she left a few centimeters distance.

She said, a lifetime to remember the scene, want to forget can not forget. If it really fell off at the time, what would happen? Always think so. Now as always think, if really drowned, was killed by a car, really died, what will happen? After adult this kind of forced thinking of death, and the childhood events have a close relationship. She was always covered with an air of sadness and despair, and she was out of breath. That a few minutes, is the most dark of her life a few minutes. One person told me about his childhood experience: he has been trying to be a good child, is to do not let the parents get angry, so that the family will be quiet. But the world of adults with children do not understand the dispute, mother threatened dad, said if he dare to get out of the house, she immediately strangled the child. She put the rope out, dad or go up.

So his nightmare began. My mother dragged him to the front, holding the rope in front of him is more than an hour. He was scared and scared, crying, and finally made his pants. My mother doesn’t really start, but the hand has been in the child’s neck is there, like a maniac. When he grew up, he understood that his mother wanted him to come back, to see this, and to stop. But dad didn’t come back. It was more than an hour, and it was the darkest period of his life. At that time he was in grade three. There are more brutal than this. Quarrel with the young parents, accusing each other of cheating, then holding a knife turned out to really take the name of God in vain, cut her finger. The blood of a place, finger, fixed in that child’s memory.