Adrian Peterson performed well, the red skin 20-13 wins the giant.

Before the seventh week against the Cowboys, the Red Coach (Jay Gruden) said he wanted to see the team start building a winning culture.

Grudon’s wish seemed to come true. After defeating the cowboy, the red skin is superior to the giant in the metropolitan court. (Adrian Peterson jerseys sales) is the hero of this match.

Peterson scored first in 7 yards, and then finished 64 yards in the end of the game. He completed the first touchdown array after 2013, and the longest personal touchdown since 2015.

Peterson pushed the ball forward 149 yards, and the season has been completed by 587 yards. The total number of professional players has exceeded (Tony Dorsett), ranking ninth in history.

5-2 of the record has also made red leather the top of the list. They will meet falcons Washington Redskins Nfl Jerseys at home next week. The giants need to take advantage of this time to make adjustments to the team next week.

(Eli Manning) 47 passes were completed 30 times, advancing 316 yards, reaching the goal once. But at the same time, he was intercepted two times and killed 6 times. Although most of the time points were within one line-up, the Giants didn’t like to use Saquon Barkley. They only made 14 strokes and tried to pass the ball most of the time. The conscientious giant defense team also lost its glory due to Peterson’s last long distance array.