A few weeks before I was about to leave, We bask in met someone who came to take bears throwback jerseys hester and try to over my position. A 22 year old girl, beautiful youth, is a spoiled Beijing girl. She said that she did not go abroad for six years, after graduating from home, and get along with her boyfriend married a year. Twenty something husband want to do real estate business, she spoiled from home to 20% of the down payment, buy a piece of land rich area, plans to build a mansion for half a year. Say like the child easily.

I get along with her for a few days, looked at her without any work experience, meet new problems are always whining, also began to understand this work five days a week, eight hours a day, ordinary people family work, in her eyes is long and bitter bitter day”.

When we talked jerseys Free Shipping about the housing situation, she opened her eyes and said, “you haven’t got a house yet?” In her eyes, 26 years old how can even a belong to own house all have no? Why waste good youth, every day to go to work tired out not to help parents?

Although I have been accustomed to such a blow from their peers, but the heart is still a pain.

I admire the way she can have a baby a sum from your family, but I also very proud of my account in three years to save 10 thousand yuan. It is the number of early morning and late night cruel to take the work, how many tons of instant noodles instead of delicacy, how many times the shopping and meeting time to write at home, to such meager savings, that kind of feeling, how hard is how optimistic.

After graduation, I have been using the most simple way to measure the value Wholesale jerseys authentic of their own: when I earn 400 yuan a week to do the work, I only have the value of 400 yuan; when I will wipe the table in the restaurant, I only clean the table value; when I can jerseys different color teach Chinese, I have the value of the teacher; when I write to be accepted, I will write more value; when I put a piece of what you want in life, I value you can let me have a bed, a bookshelf, a car……

And when I expect others to be unable to realize the dream immediately, I know I bears throwback jerseys 2016 must continue to work hard, let oneself become more powerful. This work step by step, in my opinion is the right step in life, and become better yourself to follow the prescribed order. Can be around the young people no longer value the quality of the sun, we are in the car, but no one said: “Hey, we’re in the sun!”

Remember that a family is very good friends, his father told him: “I can support you for a lifetime, no problem, but you must have a job to support themselves, you have to find their own value.”

So I saw my friend in the rich family, still struggling with me. He said: “I think the family is rich, can do a lot of people do not matter, but to this thing, let me see so much more than I good but I work harder than men. The harder I see more and more people feel there is a gap between the gap, the more you want to work hard, not willing to do mediocre people.”

Why do you want to work hard in life? Because the most painful thing, not failure, is that I can.

I think, in this life, and hold the “parents’ wealth enough of my life waste” or jerseys supply center “my husband very much money” mood, as personally to try the taste of life, don’t flinch in the face of suffering, this time learn to say to yourself “I can do it”.

You will find the meaning of hard to let you understand yourself, let you see their original and this side can cross all the thorns, can burst into a huge potential, can not follow the fate, has become such a good person.