Mr Quickly went to Wear bears throwback jerseys 1940s the graduation season, the waves to graduation internship with a smart mind and excellent performance, successful signed W city good jobs, while miss leaves because specializing in medical need to go to the hospital internship for one year.Miss actually leaves the city is not like w, although it is busy and rich, but it is always less human.

But Mr Waves don’t think so, he said W city development space is big, also has a lot of opportunities for miss leaves.

Remember Mr Waves work in the night to drink a lot of wine, he miss holding a leaf, a garrulous said a lot, he said wait you graduated to W city looking for a job, I will be fine to make money, I would like to have been together with you, I would like to have a home with you, I want to and you have a lot of children, and then you grew up together with them.
Miss leaves listened eye socket is red, eyes in the mind is filled with moved.

Miss off the Mr Wave, a leaf began her internship busy life.
After Mr Wave is more and more busy work, at first also told miss leaf meal on time take good care of yourself, miss with leaves your spare time to chat, to call the number of less and less, then gradually miss leaves began to entertain foolish ideas.
In Mr Wave landed a better paying job, Mr Waves more busy.

Miss leaves often wonder why Mr Waves is always so busy, curious what Mr Waves in the busy, and Mr Waves always miss to appease the leaves don’t even think after three or four days still no news.
Miss leaves more and more uneasy, I dare not to call Mr Waves, she was afraid to affect him just starting work, she often tell yourself to be a sensible, considerate girlfriend, to the difficulty of understanding Mr Waves.

Miss another Saturday, leaf was busy with the patients received a phone call from Mr Waves, when he came to see her!
Leaves miss charged Mr Waves on the phone to look for the place to have a rest, is jerseys direct supply coming home to tidy up.
Miss leaves home in the clothes, clean the hair, draw a little hurried to the appointment.

Miss seeing Mr Wave leaves very excited Wholesale jerseys authentic, she kept trying to find a topic and Mr Wave communication, but all the topics in the Mr Wave smiling without a word of silence.
Miss leaves suddenly very panic, she afraid Mr Such waves of silence, she’d rather he blame her, beat her down for his negligence and the cold, this time also don’t want to and so he was silent all the way.

She wanted to tell him that she wanted to him, she wanted to tell him, that she had a difficult time, father’s career encountered unprecedented difficulties, raise money around, she wouldn’t bring dad again, haven’t ask for money at home.

Because cash-strapped, always love busy she dare not agreed to the invitation of friends, afraid of his own distress were found.

She wanted to tell him, to his trust, in every tell him I’m not a bit tired today, actually she finished all the work in the department of veteran, go off work to catch up on point with low income of family education;

Every time he wanted to tell him, tell him that I had lunch don’t have to worry about me, take good care of yourself, actually she just gobble solve a piece of bread;

She wanted to tell him. Every time I refused to come and see me, not because busy because don’t want to see you, but because I don’t have enough courage to let you see I so down and out;

She wanted to tell him, this time the parents often quarrel with each other in the jerseys different size middle of the night for chores, she pretended side sleeping already was in tears.
She wanted to tell him so many so many tribulations but didn’t speak.