Half of We’re all running the end of the examination,with our own bengals bike jerseys finally have time to get a disease, come to a cold, seems to be very considerate.More than two months of tense nerves could be free, the average math score more than 130, out of 4 people, breaking their previous record.

When the phone is issued, the students are eager to ask me, how to do?

I said, when you last exam out of the examination room, it was all over, put down the burden of all have a good weekend, and then to a new round of boring day, read a book to do.

But I put it in the first class dug pit, also is the school teacher said xuanhu its mysterious “Wushi effect”, which I taught math classes, which class will do the first, if not the first test, the first test is another class I teach.

To have the desire and the life I love big fangs, and then silently suffering and struggle.

At that time the university examination preparation, at the end of the month, I will research and friends go out to relax, often in the street dirty stalls to drink drunk, almost dying, suddenly someone stood up, put others kicked up, and a cup of wine, and then helped each other to KTV.

For me this world, tone deaf people, I am afraid to go to KTV, even just to hide in a corner tea hangover, eat a high fee free snacks, not hurt by song.

Once, because the wine is too strong, I went to the bathroom back when the wrong box.

Dear Landy, my brother, you rarely won others but this time you go beyond yourself, although when you leave school, everyone thinks you will not have a bright future, but you did not complain, then, I know you don’t care, because many unrealistic encouragement, mostly from a mercenary friend, or distant relatives……”

I stood there listening to the whole song, could not help tears. Three people ready bengals baby jerseys. to graduate together, I have lost, and for the provincial examination and jerseys different color transferring, ended in failure.

The party in the box when someone said at a loss about what to do, “dude, ill treatment, do not carry.”

Back to the rental housing, I locked myself in the room, listen to this song over and over again, it is the first time I feel like listening to a song, like a dialogue with an old friend. He told me, with the most simple words to encourage me, we are the people and their race, in order to better future hard, to strive for a sense of extraordinary victory.

May be a coincidence, since then, my life is like a God turned the brand, continue to toss about four or five times after the test to work, to the last one into the present school. Three years, has been smooth sailing, from the ordinary class soon transition to the experimental class.

Now, there are a number of people, from my reading to the text of Jonathan Lee’s lyrics to my kind of sympathy and encouragement, they also talk to me –

Don’t know how many people will see your story, will want to tell a story to you, also don’t know you busy, will not have the time for those of us who send a message to you?

The same is 90, so it was you prepare PubMed PubMed, I increasingly close, do not pay attention to the results only focus on the process of a lie can not cheat myself, to buy the book you want to give yourself some courage, the courage to believe in yourself.

But recently even sleep can’t sleep, always think of you that sentence, “maybe one day, that is not willing to disclose the name of the students, experience some eat Dayton, not out of the pit wall is days after entering the school than the unreasonable social reality, he will miss the starting place, think of the wake up from a dream and not be scolded awake in the afternoon, remember that is actually very fair teacher, but can not go back.”

Suddenly think of high school, meet the teacher always find my heart, it is sanshengyouxing, now are just tough, even jerseys supply center at a loss. Do you really want to keep the dream so tired? In the end to have much confidence in order to keep it?

Home people say that a girl not so strong, almost good, when relatives reveal jerseys Free Shippin the disdain for education, I just want to quietly, summer insects can not language ice, I don’t care about them.

Don’t know their chaotic mind in what to say, if you can see the word and read, I am very satisfied, has been a long time no one can listen to my troubles, I don’t want to say this to these people, perhaps if they see me. If disturbing you, say sorry, after all, I still know the busy high school teacher in charge.

Good night, people be strangers to each other.

She made these when I was filling my dug pit, silently suffering and struggle of the so-called “Wushi effect”.

Five school students, have continued to eat, half past five to half past six of the time, I often go to the class, who will talk, pull or analysis of several topics of small household affairs. The same dormitory teacher invited to eat supper, sometimes almost one o’clock before I came back, I will go back to the office to change the finished papers, never let them spend the night.

Word for word after reading the girl’s talk Wholesale jerseys authentic three times, I still do not know how to give her encouragement, because many unrealistic encouragement