A few days ago What are you wholesale, and a friend to nfl jerseys waiting for drink and chat about life planning, the friends of the heart with emotion: “really regret the out from the original company, I resigned after the company’s development has now been listed, very influential, my disciples are when the Department Manager, also assigned to the original shares. He was from the general staff or monitor or I promoted.

Look at me now, after Beijing just bought a house, and the house is in need of children, children need loan, feeding, although work was not satisfactory, but to meet the basic food and clothing, ideal, pursuit, play, in life can not meet all the conditions, consider what luxury jewelry is idealism, the current economic situation and is not good, and so on!

I asked the question, “what are you waiting for?” He worked for a glass of beer, meaningful said: “the daughter-in-law of higher income, can protect the child’s life, such as my ability is strong, can be a better job, such as the economic situation of the country better, can reduce the risk of job hopping, such a man like me take me there, a step, once and for all!” “So what do you do for your own so-called waiting?” “I’m not waiting?” When he had said this, he was lost in thought, and my mind was blank

In fact, the eight year old friend of the current state seems to reflect the mentality of the majority of young people, I also so. I often ask myself a question: “what do I want to do?” “Make money!” This jerseys factory nfl supply is coming out of the bones of the voice, “then what am I waiting for?” Wait for the opportunity to make money!” Day by day, the opportunity to make money seems to have not wait until yesterday evening, and a senior chat realize,

The original call targets are not the target, because too vague, too broad, unable to research, does not have the execution, that is to show their progress at random to find a universal shield escape facing reality. I do not know with you are making the same mistake: in order to show their total to some star entrepreneurs in high and vigorous spirits, as their goal, thought it was a great ambition; in order to highlight their own broad connections, always trying to meet some senior figures,

That it is rich in resources; in order to show the man again, always pretending to be easily spend generously, thought it is not to stick at trifles in order to maintain their passion; struggle, always searched for their vision for the future of 10 million can walk the road, thought it was a rainy day…… In fact, you are wrong, not all of the potential options are great jerseys nfl online opportunities, goal setting is not wrong, wrong is that you have taken the first step, the second step to catch up, maybe sometimes you will smile tell yourself that it is in self deception, sadly, you still drift, carrying “have goals, ideals, passionate, energetic” banner, aimless live every day of life! Don’t be confused, calm down to ask yourself one question: the goal I set can be specific to each day to do what? Funny advertisement

The criticism is bearish, first, to solve the problem, not the person, not because of excessive Lenovo, caused restlessness and distress; usually care about others, in the emotional mastery is not too good, easy to be emotional, always misunderstand the true intention to speak. In fact, develop their inner thick, is the best weapon to avoid hurt, if you can learn to protect themselves, is the best criterion to settle down.

In fact, everyone hopes to get the affirmation and praise, but you must recognize that the praise is true or false, those who slander or criticism is pertinent advice. Only by understanding the true role of their own, in order not to be affected by others, to be more mind for internal construction, so that they live more comfortable, more relaxed.

Build your own powerful inner world right now, “my heart is my master, I am the master cheap nfl jerseys of my life”! (Life Guide Network)

Three, change the point of view, re look at the world

“The idea is power, only cognitive change, is the power of endless creativity, creativity is not necessarily changed things, sometimes just change yourself, change the idea. ”

The idea of changing a point of view is to look at things that have already been used in different ways, and don’t underestimate the “changing perspective”, which is often the key to solving problems and developing new products. A lot of people in a fixed circle at the time, mode of thinking has become somewhat rigid, but cause the creativity and vitality of the increasingly impaired, unable to break the habit of thinking mode, gradually spin in the narrow field, framed his world.