More than half of April, the nfl jerseys china focus of NFL has been completely transferred to the end of the month the upcoming draft. However, the team’s management to actively prepare the draft, while the players are not idle. The recent NBA and NHL playoffs have just started, NFL players have been attracted, the two major league playoffs in the beginning of a few days, the audience has appeared in the stadium a number of NFL players figure.

The Houston Rockets this season under coach Mike de Anthony led to become a first-class team, though not necessarily the most popular contender, but also will undoubtedly make other hot champions suffered, star James harden has strong competition MVP regular season awards. In the Rockets playoff, the Dezhou Houston team’s main players JJ- watts appeared in the audience. As the flag of the people of Dezhou, Watts and the Rockets are also quite a source, the past six years will often appear in the Rockets race. Yao Ming retired in the summer of 2011, at the same time watts into the NFL, although the two people did not contribute to the sports industry in Houston, but there have been several edges. The 2016 season of Watt due to injury and early reimbursement, Dezhou team aiming to win this year, but also because of the new aid quarterback Brock Oswald Villar’s performance does not meet expectations ended.

Because yesterday in the third series of war against Penguin games suffered zygomatic fracture, the Azzurri rookie Zach – dimensional 19 year old Lenski will miss the rest of the season all the playoff tournament.
The Azzurri coach John – Toto Leila said today: “Vee Lenski upset today, he came to my office said that the first sentence is this, he himself can not play hard.”

The scene of the accident occurred in the second quarter of 13 minutes and 15 seconds, Lenski’s face was shot by Penguin striker Kaiser hit, then fell to the ground, facial blood flow, had to return to the dressing room treatment. Although he had appeared again in the distal face gear, but he has serious puffy eyes can’t play overtime. In the end, the team also to 4-5 negative penguins, big score 0-3 behind, the situation is precarious.

But Vee Lenski’s fighting spirit has been captain Nick Ligenuo Buddha recognized: “when I saw I was very distressed when he was third day back, because of his injury has been so severe, but still wants to play. I told him I was proud to be your teammate. The child’s the spirit, for a young man. This is not easy. In the locker room, everyone was a tribute to all the time, he was an important member of the team, without him we will fall.”

The basic performance of Wellons scored 47 points (season, 11 goals, 36 assists), refresh the blue team cheap jerseys nfl history rookie scoring record, he also in this season’s rookie scoring first. Yesterday’s game, he also with defender Seth – Jones scored his first career playoff goals. Three playoff games he averaged 23 minutes and 29 seconds, positive and negative -2.

Coach Toto Leila also praised the teenager: “I’ve always said that we are interested in how high he can grow. He is now making rapid progress, and the future will be the mainstay of the Alliance
His teammates also expressed the admiration of Italy playing with Vee Lenski.

Defender David Savard said: “I think his performance today is incredible, his eyes can not even open. Vee Lenski was a tough kid, he showed his toughness.”

However, Vee Lenski is certain to miss the playoffs this year. Coach Toto Leila has not released his replacement candidate, but is likely to be Kell Quincy or rookie Marcus Niutaiwala, although both of them in three after the war has not entered the stage.

The Rockets are the only team in Houston to win the Champions League this year, there is hope. Perhaps Watt is also hoping to learn some experience from them, in the new season passed on to teammates, and strive to be like the Rockets will be able to upgrade to a new height.