He is a successful What is the buffalo bills jerseys young man, when china key to success he graduated from university in 1996, with a few students set up a computer company, ready to do something in the IT industry, but did not expect that, due to the lack of technology and experience, the company is only a year went bankrupt, he was on the back of the 200 thousand yuan of debt.

The cruel reality like a pot of cold water will be poured with his cool, he left the company downhearted some of the equipment to the other two colleagues, but his backpack, alone went to Tibet, Qinghai and other places, with the walk way over the inner anguish, combing the mood.

On that day, he came to a small town not far from Qinghai Lake. In the evening, the sky clouds all over the sky, he carrying a dust alone walk in the street, when a PI booth attracted his attention. Niangpi is Qinghai area special snack stalls, the business niangpi was an old man at the street, pedestrians, old man sitting idly stand, a face looked kindly at walking past. Hungry he was steaming niangpi stalls attracted by the old nfl jerseys free shipping man, he came to the old man’s stand, to a bowl of niangpi devouring.

After eating, he is not in a hurry to leave, but with this old conversation. The old man seems to be very considerate, see he is a stranger so refined and courteous, with interest as he chatted.

The old man asked: “young man, you look like, what is not happy, you can talk about why a person all the way to travel here?” At that time, self-help travel around Backpackers is still rare.

The old man saw a face of sincerity, he thought, anyway, he is to drive the distraction mood, with the old man to talk about it. So he started his own business failure, and owed a lot of debt with the old man said.

After listening to his story, the old man thought for a while and then asked him kindly, “what do you think is the reason for your failure?”

“The cause of the failure? This is too obvious, is not the lack of experience, lack of technology?” He said without thinking.

“So, do you like to do this?” “Like?” He paused and scratched his head to say: “love…… If no. The establishment of the company is mainly to see the computer industry is the development trend of the times, do a “goers” just thinking about, make a lot of money.” He pulled out his liver and said, “but I work very hard to work overtime, but the company is always running from bad to worse……”

“Young man, you may be the cause of the failure here,” the old man interrupted, sincere words and earnest wishes to say: if you are not from the heart love this industry, so no matter how hard you try, it is always less effective, failure can hardly be avoided. Step back and say, even if you are lucky to succeed, success is very superficial. Remember, waking up is always a deep love nba jerseys for sale from the heart.”

Wake up is always the heart of the deep love! The old man listened to these words, he was actually shocked: Yes, although he worked for a year, but never asked myself: love this career? He also reminded, at that time a computer company, despite their hard day and night, but has not tasted any dreams of joy. Technology is not enough, he gritted his teeth like a student is forced to do what he does not love the subjects like research, often made of various processes and ideas scorched by the flames; the operation of the company, he is learning by doing, but due to lack of interest, often in a passive situation, is always better than competitors slow, not to mention what development and innovation the……

Chew the words of the old man, he was filled with wisdom, the original, after all the reason for my failure lies in three words: no love! The knots that had been entwined in his mind for months. He repeatedly thanked the old man for second days, then embarked on a homeward journey.

After returning to Beijing, he told himself to a spiritual dialogue, decided to open an outdoor goods store, because after several months of walking, he found himself deeply in love with has outdoor sports, and he noticed that the domestic market is still a blank, a huge potential business opportunities. If you do what you love, and you can make a profit from it, this is a great opportunity. Later, he opened a small shop in a small outdoor North East Gate, while business side of the organization of outdoor sports enthusiasts travel to walk, to happiness. Over the past 17 years, and now his franchise stores across the country, become the outdoor retail industry leader, annual turnover of about one billion yuan, he is Sanfo founder Zhang Heng outdoor.

What is the wake-up call? If it’s just hard work, success is bitter. If you wake up from the bottom of the heart is a deep love, then you will eventually make a sweet cause.