Feng Tang said What the hell broncos wolfe, a person jerseys are you choosing to write 4 articles every year. I can’t agree more. But how many years have you written? After 140 years of micro-blog word can be a lot of laps around the earth. You said, I want to read 10 books this year, to go the road, to see the mountains mountains, to achieve the dream. But a year later, the book you bought 10 books, never turn; from your home to the company many times, don’t even want to go to the gym running. Mountains Dachuan is your computer desktop, sometimes on the dream, is a dream of you, you want to go to, or buy a ticket for the movie to see “Chinese partner”.

Some people say, I want to be what kind of person. Some people say, I want to live an ordinary life. This is good, because success is different for everyone. But is that what you want? We have a teacher said today, or ordinary, or the pursuit of perfection, without anguish and sorrow. But life is so, we often yearn for life in the ordinary ups and downs in the busy dream and obsession that long lost ordinary. Micro-blog on the Beijing and jerseys different size Lijiang scripts are spread to delete directly. For me the difference between Beijing and Lijiang is not what art fan children, but in high prices and my life is convenient and there is no one and I walk alone. Clearly, in Beijing, I can not afford to buy a window, in Lijiang, there may be people, there are houses, but perhaps every night is not the same. These are not what I want. And what are you choosing?

People are saying that the chicken soup. But what is reliable? When you eat chicken soup, of course, do not fly. Do you know how to make chicken soup? Chicken, dig offal, prepare condiments, simmer, others life essence of you eat a small spoon, tired also said: This is not cheating? Of course you have too much nutrition. You don’t even think about it. The key is that this chicken soup is written to others, we are also in the past to eat, eat also criticized it, pretending to be very deep and feel. So there is no chicken soup, there is a word, called positive energy. A change of taste, we eat, began to criticize. However, these words are not all people think of it? What is known, chicken soup, positive energy, is not what we take out or praise or criticism of the target. Don’t say that negative energy can inspire you. What the hell do you choose? What do you think?

We all say that life should adhere to, but we insist on the most is their own do not insist on. Because we micro-blog a good literary life and become hate life now, because of a WeChat house in the lustrous and dazzling multi party, let you despise adhere to for a long time to work; for a movie, all the children to the United States; we yearn for the outside good of all,jerseys direct supply “Besieged City” is the main melody in at any time, but our own Jingxiaxinlai think what you really want? Do you hate yourself now? And the future of their own how much to grasp it? How much hate this.

You will find that people will never forget the past, most of the old things with a hint of art and clear. Sometimes look at some pictures of their own, with “miss those years of heavy rain”, can not wait to take a shower in his head cast two, go back to the past. And I would like to open the hot water heater to death you. In the past so good, why don’t you cherish; now is not good, why not change the past; the future of you is a dream, but if you don’t work hard, don’t insist, hope will be a nightmare. Why don’t you go right now to achieve your dream and jerseys from china be the one you admire? Not only envy and hate, even an ordinary, you have to know your own choice, not becomes unreachable bubble, perhaps life is reduced to fragments in regret.

To tangle you awake, I wrote to Gemini introspection.