A few days ago, in a public group, met the author, had read some When it’s time to wear of his articles, deeply authentic saints jerseys admire. The same is slash youth for men hard to go, he can insist on a day to update several articles, clear logic, but also in full dry cargo, read all kinds of propaganda activities, the short time wrote hundreds of thousands of words, and a book.I am excited to add his WeChat, after a successful friend validation, this would like to have a good consult, but made two problems in the past, the other side has not responded.At first, thought he was too busy, did not see the message, can see him until the number of bursts of circle of friends, I suddenly understand that he just didn’t reply to me.

Perhaps for him, I was just an admiration of his ordinary readers, different levels, resources, not equal, talk is not much necessary.

In the past, some people ask me, why is the circle of their own authentic saints jerseys for men always better than other people on the tall?

I think that is probably our own too trivial, only the envy of the one obviously want to go, but not to go into the class.

We want to climb, making friends, and higher levels of people does not know, when we do not have enough strength, even gave us the chance to know each other and strong, it is difficult to truly enter the circle, or someone else is not willing to accept, or we are unable to control.

Two years ago, my friend, to a girl confession, unfortunately refused, he did not give up,authentic saints jerseys for men insist for a long time, the results can still.

Bean bag is very depressed, why do they pay so much, a girl is not tempted.

I said, “do you have any comparison between you and me? You are in general, the work is stable, but every month on four thousand or five thousand of the income, deduction of rent can be left? The girl read the overseas research, in a listed company, the annual salary of at least ten, and local people, your gap is so big, people with what you fancy?”

To some dissatisfaction, “who said to see, can’t have a true love?”

I said, “true love, always pay attention to the well-matched in strength,authentic saints jerseys for men I wish you love, really love a person, we must strive to live as worthy of her.”

Later, my little contact with me, I thought he was angry, until early goodbye when his whole person lost a lap, features more distinct, eyes are no longer as in the past so sad.

I know, in his spare time, go to sell up financing, opened a partnership with a friend, a theme restaurant, business like a raging fire.

He said, “at the beginning, those words, you were like I know myself with a blow and a shout, do not love the girl, just because of my poor self-esteem, not willing to admit it.”

Two years ago, my running for many city, market analysis, customer development, the original work not only did authentic saints jerseys for men not fall, but also the promotion of the level, in his spare time, he would pull the girl to try their dishes, also began to try different dishes, ready for the girl.

We joke that it completed the grass root to my warm man counter attack.

Maybe, life will get better when you try to make yourself better.

My girl and engagement, he proposed that “I only want to be with you.”

We want to be comfortable and comfortable, there will be countless reasons to convince themselves authentic saints jerseys for men mediocre life, want to be good, there will be countless ways to deal with the difficulties, but you are willing to do it.

In the past, I also like a boy, like a long time, secretly wrote a lot of letters, but there is no courage to send out.

Once, I pretended to be asking, “what kind of girl do you like?””

He told me, “I’m about to do it myself.”

At that time he was a tall, thin, smile is the sun, a few years ago was always, but I was the authentic saints jerseys for men opposite, plump hair, like a silly girl, scores in the middle and lower reaches of wandering.

After listening to his simple answer, I know, he can not like me, because we are not just a little bit worse.

Later, I secretly determined, must be like him, become worthy of his authentic saints jerseys for men people, so very hard to read, to do, the word back, in the hope of graduation, and he admitted to high school.

But when I got the key high school, he went to another city.

When he left, he asked me, “how do you small early, suddenly become so powerful?”

I said, “I just want to be worthy of the person I love.”

He smiled, I do not know such a confession, he did not understand.

Many years later, I often ask about his situation, he did not want to be too far away, but authentic saints jerseys for men when I become worthy of his appearance, he is no longer my first love looks like.

When we kept running forward, as long as the speed is fast enough, it will win that we want to go beyond the people, and of those who look sparkling, once gave up running, it will eventually turn into a tiny dust, annihilation in the long history of the time.

We want to have a good life, want to have a person of worth, it is because we are not qualified with the match, they will feel distant, as we grow stronger, with sufficient capacity to have, everything is no longer too high to be reached.